Honeymoon destinations you can visit during the pandemic for a stress free holiday

The coronavirus has badly affected the travel industry. People have been stuck indoors for months and halted their travelling plans to next year. This includes honeymoon for newly wedded couples too. These are the destinations that are safer to travel amidst the ongoing pandemic.
beach sunsets Honeymoon destinations you can visit during the pandemic for a stress free holiday
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Unfortunately, the pandemic has halted your honeymoon plans as well. If you are someone who got married in 2020, there has only been bad news for you since then. While you imagined going to a distant land or some remote island with your significant other, the reality hit you hard and forced you to stay inside for months now.

You might have rescheduled, cancelled and rerouted your travel plans with your partner. If you are anxious about stepping out again and going to a new destination, these are the destinations you can pick from for a stress free romantic holiday with your better half during the pandemic.

1. Vatican City

Surrounded by Rome, you get engulfed by the intricate architecture and the historic places. Visit the museum and the Roman Catholic Church. Home to the Pope and treasure trove of historic art, it is an amazing destination for all history lovers.

2. Singapore

Visit the South Asian city that is full of amusement parks and eccentric themed gardens. Singapore is a must visit destination that has many elements to it. 

3. Lakshadweep

Being the only place in India with zero covid cases, Lakshadweep is a beautiful remote island that you can visit for a honeymoon. Go snorkelling or scuba diving and witness the miraculous marine life.

4. Seychelles

Another beautiful island that you can visit for a honeymoon, Seychelles is home to many coral reefs, beaches and marine creatures that you can witness on your tour. Have a laid back holiday and experience the beach life in bikini tops and flip flops.

5. Saint Lucia

This Eastern Caribbean island is an exotic honeymoon destination with tapered mountains and Pitons on its west coast. Home to volcanic beaches and luxury resorts, it is an ideal destination to visit to unwind and relax.

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