Jennifer Aniston's diet is all about NOT following rules; Read on to know the secret to her fit body

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston is 50 but she still looks smoking hot! The actress is body, beauty, hair and all kinds of other goals and she recently revealed that she has no hard and fast rules when it comes to her body!
Jennifer Aniston's diet is all about NOT following rules; Read on to know the secret to her fit body
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At 50, Jennifer Aniston only looks like she is ageing backwards! She is among the few in the Hollywood industry who seem to never get old and still look the way they did when they were 16! But that does not mean the actress does nothing to ensure it remains that way! 

One would think that with a body like that, she must be on a strict diet regimen. Proving people wrong, she revealed in an interview that she doesn't restrict herself too much! 

So what does she consume through the day? 

"I eat as much organic fruits and veggies as I can, keep my sugar intake low, drink tons of water and get good sleep," she said. That said, she doesn't shy away from junk food! The actress revealed that she doesn't shy away from the occasional pizza or tequila and goes to her friends places for make-you-own-pizza nights. She allows herself to satisfy her junk food cravings! "I allow myself to indulge once in a while...but I don't give myself any rules anymore," said Aniston. 

Jen's daily food schedule includes:

A cup of hot water with lemon 

A cup of coffee

A chocolate or fruit protein shake 

A hard-boiled egg

A salad made of tuna with cucumber and lentil 

A cheese stick

Some soup

Zuccini and chicken noodles

While she is not stringent with her diet, she does do a lot to maintain her image! She does not hesitate to look after her skin, hair and body. She splurges on everything from bi-weekly spray tans, microcurrent facials, laser treatments, eyebrow grooming, haircuts, spa sessions, hair oils, mani-pedis and a lot more! According to a Hollywood news portal, the actress spends a whopping 43,000 dollars annually on her appearance, without including the cost of her personal trainer and workout sessions! 

What are your thoughts on the Friends actress'thoughts on dieting and letting lose once in a while? Comment below and let us know!

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