Kashmir To Mcleodganj: 5 Best mountain destinations to visit in India post lockdown

Every globetrotter wanders for a reason, and you should wander to find your own! Smitten by the pictures of colorful flags and camping tents buried within the clouds? Here is a tailored list of destinations for you.
Kashmir To Mcleodganj: 5 Best Mountain Destinations To Visit In India Post Lockdown
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There is no person on the face of this Earth who doesn’t need a break from the monotony of their office cabins and travel with the backpack on their shoulders. 

This pandemic lockdown has unquestionably upended every layman’s daily life. With the coronavirus hitting us right on the face, just the word “pandemic” is enough to build anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic has unquestionably upended every layman’s life and is enough to fill you up with boredom by being confined within your house. I bet you are smitten by the pictures of colourful prayer flags and camping tents buried within the clouds from throwback. You must be waiting to roll your wheels and would have already planned the whole itinerary for your next road trip. 

Here is our tailored list of the top 5 road trips to take in India post lockdown with your friends or family for creating new, beautiful memories.  

1. Mcleodganj 

Famous for its numerous Buddhist monasteries and home of the spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, Mcleodganj is an enchanting hill station which is part of the mighty Himalayas. This picturesque town is all about colourful Tibetan flags, rolling prayer wheels and its alluring beauty. The walls all over the city are covered with graffiti and posters about Tibet, a reminder of the refugee lives of the people in the town. As you turn your head around, you will see beautiful and magnetic mountain ranges topped with snow from a distance. When the fragrance of the deodar and pine trees reaches your nostrils, you would think nothing but to cuddle up the moment right away. 

2. Jammu & Kashmir 
Gir firdaus baru e zameen ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto”. The famous Sufi poet Amir Khusrav correctly quoted that if there is a paradise on Earth, it is here, it is here and it is here. 
The mesmerising beauty of Kashmir is made up of beautiful valleys with snow-capped mighty Himalayas along with floating shops on the enormous and shining Dal Lake. From Srinagar’s Tulip Garden Festival to Gulmarg’s skiing sport, Sonmarg’s deep water rafting and Pahalgam’s camping, Kashmir has something for everyone in it’s treasure.  

3. Manali 
With the soothing backdrop of the pristine Himalayas, Manali is one of India's most popular and visited travel destinations. Manali is a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure that offers something to everyone. It’s a fairylike destination with long pine trees and the raging Beas River giving it a peaceful energy all over.


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4. Dalhousie 
Known as the “Little Switzerland of India”, Dalhousie is a gorgeous hill station replete with misty green valleys, snow-clad mountains, pleasant colonial structures, clean landscapes and enchanting lakes. This is a perfect location for every nature lover who enjoys the sound of silence and want nothing more than to soak in the beauty of nature in a serene atmosphere. 

5. Leh Ladakh  

With the abundant number of marvelous landscapes and incredible culture, Ladakh is nothing but a dreamland on Earth. Ladakh is mystical in its nature, culture and landscapes. This is a bliss for every adventure junkie who wants to conquer the high mountains or just escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life.


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