Keto Diet: 4 power Keto breakfast recipes to fuel your day

Keto Diet: Today we have compiled some of the easy and lip-smacking Keto based breakfast recipes for you. Check out the low-carb and healthy recipes right away.
Keto Diet: 4 power Keto breakfast recipes to fuel your day
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Ketogenic aka Keto diet has been one of the popular diets of late. For the unversed, when you are on Keto you force your body to undergo ketosis, a state where we burn fat to fuel our body's needs and not the primary source of energy glucose. This state happens when one is on a ketogenic and very low-carb diet. Keto diet followers struggle a lot as they cannot have many lips-smacking carb-filled foodstuffs especially breakfast dishes. If you are on diet and struggling with the same then don't fret we have got you covered. Breakfast, as we know, is the most important meal of the day. And skipping the same or eating something carb-rich foodstuff as low-carb meal is not available may also hamper your state of ketosis and thus hampering your health goals as well.

Talking to Pinkvilla, Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist commented on the importance of breakfast and shared some of his exclusive Keto based breakfast recipes with us. He said, "It is an accepted fact that fitting in a wholesome yet scrumptious breakfast can be almost complicated, particularly if you are a roll-out-of-bed and run-out-the-door type of person. But when you are ketogenic diet gulping down a breakfast that’s not just healthy but also equally delectable and also quick and easy-to-make definitely does triple duty in filling you up, training the pump of your ketosis, and lending you energy throughout the day."

So, if you are scouting for a healthy morning snack which is also a little more appetizing, then read on. Below mentioned are a couple of keto breakfast recipes that are assured to kick-start your day.
1. Avocado Toast:


One ripe halved and pitted avocado
One teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice
Sea salt and black pepper that has been coarsely ground
One slice of seeded multigrain bread that has been thickly sliced and toasted to perfection
Half teaspoon of pepitas and sesame seeds
¼ teaspoon red-pepper flakes and lastly extra-virgin olive oil for drizzling


Take a medium bowl and mix the avocado halves with the lemon juice along with adding a pinch of salt and pepper to it. By making use of the back of a spoon, you must smash the avocados lightly till the time they become chunky but not yet a smooth and even spread. Season to taste with extra lemon juice, salt, and pepper, if need be. Take a serving plate and start arranging the toast and gently spoon the avocado onto the middle of the toast. In order to cover the toast, you must slightly spread the avocado mixture over it. Dust the avocado with the sesame seeds, pepitas, and red-pepper flakes, then drizzle some olive oil before you serve the dish.

2. Green Omelette:


4 egg whites coupled with a dash of milk
One tablespoon of chopped chives
One handful of spinach leaves
Half ripe avocado that is peeled and cubed
One knob of organic butter and one tablespoon feta cheese
A pinch of salt to taste and pepper


With the help of a fork, beat the eggs and season them with salt, pepper, and chives. You must take a non-stick pan and must melt the butter over a medium flame. Following this, you must add the egg whites and let them spread evenly across the pan. Allow the eggs to settle underneath for about thirty seconds. Garnish with spinach, avocado and sprinkle some feta cheese on top and allow it to melt. By making use of a fork, you must gently fold one side of the omelette over the filling. Serve hot with toasted multigrain bread.

3. Low-carb cauliflower hash browns


Three eggs
½ chopped onion, grated
One tablespoon salt to taste
Two pinches of pepper
Oil for frying

Start the recipe by rinsing, trimming and grating the cauliflower by making use of a food processor or grater. Take a large serving bowl in which you need to add the grated cauliflower. By mixing all the other ingredients in it, you must blend it well. Keep aside for five to ten minutes. In a frying pan, you must add little oil on a medium flame. Once the pan has heated you must start placing scoops of the grated cauliflower mix gently and flatten and level them till the time, they measure about three to four inches in diameter. Let it fry for about four to five minutes on each side. Regulate the heat to ensure they refrain from burning. Gently flip them to ensure they are cooked well from the other side as well. Serve hot.

4. Protein Mint Milkshake:


Half cup of milk
Scoops of whey protein
mint leaves 
1 tablespoon of chocolate brownie crumble
whipped cream for garnish if need be.


In blender seamlessly blend together the milk, whey protein, and mint leaves. Mix till the time the mixture becomes smooth. By taking a glass, you must pour the entire shake into it. You can consider garnishing it with whipped cream and a tablespoon of brownie crumbles for an indulgent taste. Serve immediately. In case you want a thinner shake, you must add more milk in.
So, while you enjoy sipping over a frothy cup of coffee or protein shake, these mouth-watering ketogenic breakfast recipes are the perfect way to jump-start your day, thus lending a welcome change to your mundane morning routine.

Note: The recipes have been provided by Dr. Siddhant Bhargava and the images used here are for representation purposes only.

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