Krishna Janamashtami 2019: Desi recipes which can be made under 30 mins

No festival is complete without some sweets and Lord Krishna was a great lover of sweets and milk products.
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On the happy occasion of Lord Krishna’s Birthday, the air is full of love and excitement. People have been preparing for this festival for days at the end and now that it just another day away we just can’t wait. Lord Krishna was known to be a mischievous child and he loved playing pranks and stealing fresh butter. It’s said that he could eat up a pot full of his favorite butter if given an opportunity. We’ve seen enough pictures of the mischievous Lord Krishna dipping his hand into the pot of butter and looking adorable. Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated with a lot of joy and faith. Other than offering him some of his favorite delicious white butter we love offering him the best possible sweets. Moreover, none of our festivals are complete without some sweet dishes. Every festival comes with a variety of amazing sweet dishes that we lovingly cook for the offerings and for our family. Here are some great dishes that you can cook in under thirty minutes for this lovely festival.

1. Sooji ka Halwa

This dessert is quick to make and very simple. You will need some sooji and milk and some ghee. Use some powdered sugar. Put some sooji in a pan and roast it till it’s golden brown. Now add some ghee to it and roast it for a few minutes. Now slowly add some milk to this mixture. Now add some powdered sugar to this mixture and keep stirring. And cook it for a few minutes.

2. Chocolate Peda

You will need some bland or slightly sweet biscuits like Marie or glucose or parle-g. Some cocoa powder and chocolate, some milk and ghee. Crush the biscuits and chocolate or else grind them. Now put this mixture in a bowl and add cocoa powder and milk and a little bit of ghee and knead it into a dough. Now use the ghee as grease and make small pedas out of the dough and you’re done!

3. Rabri

A quick and easy version of this recipe can save you time. You will need milk, cream, sugar, and some bread. Take the soft part of the bread and grind it to make bread crumbs. Pour milk in a thick bottomed kadhai and boil it on low flame. Ensure that you buy some thick full-fat milk. Add some cream to it. Let it thicken a little. Now add sugar and bread crumbs and heat it till it becomes thick. You can garnish it with some finely chopped dry fruits and serve it hot or you can refrigerate it for half an hour and serve it chilled.

4. Panjiri

Though this sweet is a popular recipe for winters in north India, it makes for a great quick sweet. You will need some whole wheat flour and sugar, some ghee and dry fruits. Chop the dry fruits and roast them on low flame for a few minutes and keep it aside. Now roast the flour without any water or ghee till it turns light brown. Add some ghee and roast till it is soaked. Add powdered sugar and dry fruits to this mixture and roast it for a few more minutes and you’re ready to go!

5. Charnamrit

This is a simple recipe for the prasad at your Krishna Janamashtami celebration. It requires a few basic ingredients. You will need some honey and sugar and some milk and yogurt. Mix all these ingredients along with some ghee in a bowl and refrigerate it for 30 minutes. You can also add some finely chopped dry fruits in this mixture before refrigerating it.

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