Lemon Detox Diet: Is it safe and can it help you lose weight?

Should you follow fad diet plans like the lemon detox diet blindly? Here’s the right way to go for the diet without harming your health.
Food & Travel,diets,lemon detox diethe diet first gained fame when it was found out that Beyonce lost around 20 pounds in just two weeks after following this diet.
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Also known as the master cleanse, Lemon Detox Diet is a popular diet plan among several Hollywood celebrities. The diet first gained fame when it was found out that Beyonce lost around 20 pounds in just two weeks after following this diet.

Typically, it is recognised to be a plan of 14 days wherein a person is not allowed to consume any solid food. The lemon detox drink prepared with water, lemon juice, maple syrup and pepper is all you get during the course of the diet. It is said to eliminate all free radicals or toxins from the body. However, can starvation be the solution to losing weight? How safe is this diet plan and should we really follow it?

“Most of us are obsessed more about our weight than about our health. As a result, we resort to a few fad diets. One such fad diet is a lemon water detox diet. However, if followed smartly, it can give an immense boost to the liver and enhance your body’s ability to detox and hence, aid in weight loss.  Also, if done over a long period of time, it leads to better skin.” Sonia Bakshi, founder of DtF says.

Pinning down the different methods of following the diet, she doles out these points to keep in mind:

The Smart Way

Add lemon slices to your drinking water for the whole day and keep sipping it instead of normal water along with your balanced diet. It will help you flush out your toxins and make you feel lighter.

The Misleading Way

Most of us resort to desperate ways to lose weight, especially if we need to attend an event in a few days. We switch to only lemon water for the entire day and reduce our calorie intake to half for a few days. This measure leads to low BP and other health problems like acidity and depression. “Such desperate measures should be avoided at all times.  It is always better to respect the human body because this is the only house we have to live in,” Bakshi adds. The citric acid present in lemons is a great ingredient to help detox your body. It is also advised to drink warm salt water early morning to stimulate bowel movements. You can add herbal tea as an evening drink.

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