Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Aries: The diet plan you should follow based on your Zodiac sign

Weight loss diets are one of the biggest fads right now and more people are getting on the bandwagon. Read on to know which diet plan suits you best as per your zodiac sign.
Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Aries: The diet plan you should follow based on your Zodiac sign
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With barely 6 months of 2019 remaining, many people are yet to achieve the desired weight they wanted to. Diet fads like keto, intermittent fasting and more becoming the new rage, weight loss tips and diets are one of the main topics of discussion at parties and even events. Here is what diet you need to follow based on your zodiac sign. 

Aquarius - 30 Diet

With this diet, Aquarians need to only get rid of refined products like sugar and dairy. Aquarians are not too fond of following the crowd and prefer to pave their own way. Since barely anybody has explored this diet, it is best for you. 

Pisces - Raw Food Diet

The only way a Piscean can lose weight is by getting rid of all the junk they consume on a daily basis. Nothing better than the raw food diet for them which is basically consumption of unprocessed and natural food. 

Aries - Zone Diet

Since Aries like following things in a particular organised manner, pre deciding how much of what your meals should consist, works best for you since in this diet, you are supposed to divide your meal into 40% carbs, 30% fats and 30% proteins. 

Taurus - Weight Watchers

It is relatively easy for you to follow diets Taurus, since you have a good patience level. Considering this diet plan involves key pointers which you need to achieve on a daily basis, it helps in controlling your weight and and motivates you to achieve your goal weight. 

Gemini - Atkins Diet

You are one of the most adaptive in nature, which is why this diet is the best for you since it involves losing weight gradually. Unlike other diets, there are four phases to this diet and since you like taking this slow and leading up to another, this one is perfect for you. 

Cancer - Vegan Diet 

Since you are one of the most sympathetic in the zodiac sign, getting off meat will not be too difficult once you are convinced. This diet is perfect for you unpredictablity and will help you get the stability you desire. This diet will also ensure you lose weight in no time!

Leo - Gluten Free Diet 

You need a subtle diet which will ensure you lose weight but not your energy, which makes this diet perfect for you. Cutting out on only gluten will ensure your energy is intact while your belly slims down in no time. 

Virgo - South Beach Diet

You are one of the most emotional people out there and this affects your eating habits as well! This diet will be good for you as it helps in rationalising everything you eat and will ensure you lose weight soon!

Libra - Mediterranean Diet

You require a diet which is as balanced as you are. Since this diet is more about consuming fruits and vegetables and cutting out on carbs and processed foods, it is perfect. Everything is pre-decided and you just have to follow it without really making any decisions. 

Scorpio - General Motors Diet 

You need an extremely strict regimen to follow in a short span of time and need to see results soon, or else you will give up. That is why there is no better diet plan for you than the GM Diet since you can only eat one particular range of things on one day. 

Sagittarius - Paleo Diet 

This diet involves eating only natural foods which were available during the Paleolithic era. Fruits, nuts, seeds, meat, seafood, etc. and cut out everything processed including sugar, chocolate and added fats. This will not only help you lose weight quickly but also bring about calmness to your restless spirit. 

Capricorn - Keto

Weight loss is not very easy for this star sign, which is why Keto is the perfect as it involves only getting rid of carbohydrates while one can continue to eat fats and proteins! Nothing sounds better than this, to Capricorns who find it difficult to give up on their favourite foods. 

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