Libra, Virgo, Aries: The ice-cream flavours according to your zodiac sign

In today’s listicle we’ll be discussing zodiac signs and the ice-cream flavour which suits them the best
Libra, Virgo, Aries: The ice-cream flavours according to your zodiac signLibra, Virgo, Aries: The ice-cream flavours according to your zodiac sign
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There is absolutely no one in the World who does not obsess over ice-creams. People from all walks of life and from every age category. Ice-cream is that one desert which is our thorough companion in all the ups and downs of life. July is supposed to be the World Ice-Cream month but do you think anyone of us follows it? Well, no of course!  Our taste buds varies heavily from one another. While some go deep with chocolate, there are some who enjoy the classic vanilla flavour, some who like it fruity and some who like to go all healthy. 


Little did we know that our zodiac sign affects our taste buds so heavily. From cone or cup to frosty or smooth, our zodiac signs pretty much cover it all. The best part about ice cream is that it soothes and fits in perfectly no matter what the occasion is. Feeling romantic? Just have an ice-cream. Going through a bad break-up? Just have a nice tub of ice-cream, hosting a slumber party? Ice-cream it is. The beauty about this universal favourite dessert is that it comes in flavours of one’s liking, so there is plenty for almost everyone. In today’s listicle we’ll be discussing zodiac signs and the ice-cream flavour which suits them the best. 





Aries don't enjoy anything which is boring or monotonous and the same goes for their ice-cream flavours too. They also like to go for “specialities” of the ice-cream store. Flavours such as Pears, Black Sesame, Blue Cheese are all the flavours you can opt for. Green Tea is also a potential choice and since they're all about being clean, they prefer having it in a cup. 




Taurus are the ones who like all things classy and fine. They won't go for just another ice-cream but a gelato in super rich flavours. Chocolate or caramel are the potential flavours which they’ll opt for. They also don’t mind spending extra since they’re indulging. A nice waffered cone with nuts and crackers is what they’ll most be opting for. 





Geminis tend to get caught up when there are a lot of options thrown at them. They like to keep it simple with their flavours. Make sure that they might taste almost all the available flavours and probably get more confused. They hate to know that they’re missing out on any flavours so you’ll mostly see them diving into the most popular flavour. 





Cancerians are all about going classic. They like to choose ice cream flavours which perfectly syncs in with their mood. You’ll always find ice-cream in their freezer because you never know when they’d be in the mood for something. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate are flavours that you’ll see them having. 





Leos are all about going all out. They it indulge and make their hearts sing. If they’re going in then expect them to go for a minimum of 2-3 scoops. They also enjoy assortments like chopped fruits, crackers, chocolate sauces on their ice-cream. 





You can expect a Virgo opt for a rather healthy option. A tangy frozen yoghurt is one option which you’re most likely going to choose. Whenever they’ve completed a task successfully you can see them rewarding and treating themselves with a delicious cone of expensive ice-cream. 





Libras are just ice-cream maniacs. They can have them in almost any flavour and form. Be it coconut, cashewnut based or a gelato, they’ve indulge in this dessert like there’s no tomorrow. The love to pamper themselves with a waffle cone or sundae cookie cups. They’re all about balance so they’ll opt for flavours like chocolate mint, cookie dough. 





When it comes to sharing their ice-cream no one can beat the Scorpios. It in fact describes the perfect date-night for them. You can see them choosing flavours like double chocolate or vanilla bean. 





Sagittarius are all curious souls, they can basically go to any extent to find the best and perfect ice-cream. They’ll make sure that they do go and try all the popular and well known flavour of ice-cream around the world. The journey is more important to them than the taste or flavour of the ice-cream.  





The simple and minimal ones. Capricorns love their ice-cream to be simple yet filled with traditions. Sweet, creamy and cold is how they like their ice-cream to be. They like to reward themselves whenever they’ve completed a task or accomplished something. 





The one who chooses an interesting combination always has to be an Aquarian. You’d mostly see them opt for a blackberry sorbet, root beer ice cream or more. They love and enjoy a nicely frozen treat. 





Whenever a Pisces is low or down know that an ice-cream will cheer them up the most. They like to go creative with their flavours and enjoy all the decorations that come along on it. 


Well, now that we have an entire list, do let us know if the flavours that we have mentioned match with your zodiac sign and most importantly your taste buds. 


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