Love Beaches? THESE are the beach destinations in India you need to visit right now

Are you a beach bum and love to visit beaches? If yes, then ditch Goa and head to these places in India. These places are known for their beaches, watersports, and much more.
Love Beaches? THESE are the beach destinations in India you need to visit right nowLove Beaches? THESE are the beach destinations in India you need to visit right now
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Beaches are something that not only helps us calm down, but they also make us realise that sometimes all you have to do is sit by the beach and feel good about everything that's happening in your life. The whimsical sound of the waves and the alluring magic of the sunsets and sunrise is something that not only helps you achieve tranquillity but also makes everything look around it beautifully.


When we speak about beaches in India, people usually resonate it with Goa. Goa is known as the beach destination of India, but sadly due to commercialisation and over-tourism, the place has lost its charm. If you are someone who loves beaches and don't mind spending hours on the beach, then here are some beach destinations in India that should be on your list right now. So ditch Goa for once and visit these places to experience the magic of coastal line in Goa. 


Havelock Islands, Andaman:


Always dream of swimming and sitting by the clear blue waters on the beach? If yes, then Havelock Islands in Andaman is your place to be. The stunning place is known for scuba diving, snorkelling and a sea walk. Each beach on this island has something unique to offer and it has the world-famous white-sand Radhanagar beach.


Agatti, Lakshadweep:


When it comes to Lakshadweep, not many people visit this place. It's purely unhit by commercialisation and is known for its serene dainty charm. The beaches here have clear turquoise waters with its colourful coral life, which not only make them perfect for snorkelling but it's also perfect for its laid back charm.


Gokarna, Karnataka:


Gokarna which is also known as a calmer version of Goa, is known for its unexplored beaches. One can do a beach trek in Gokarna to explore the magic of the place. Be it Om Beach, Honey beach or Gokarna beach, every beach has its mystifying charm.


Tarkarli, Maharashtra:


The other location on the coastline of India is at Tarkarli – a little town full of white sand beaches and coral reefs. If luck favours, you might even spot dolphins while indulging in water sports. And if you want to spend some quality time with your loved one, then don't say no to their backwaters as here Karli River meets the sea.


Puri, Odisha:


Puri is known as a temple town, but the serene place is also known for its gorgeous shoreline. The Puri beach offers you water sports – from swimming to surfing and speed boat rides. The Golden sand of the beach is perfect for rejuvenation while you watch the sun go down.


Mandvi, Gujarat:


Mandvi offers you one of the smoothest beaches in India. The pleasant beach, with its windmills and colourful camels, is a pleasure to walk around while you discover the stunning Vijay Vilas Palace.

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