Love Candies? THESE candies from the 90s will surely bring back fond memories

Everything about the 90s was the best, but one thing that we all cherish are the 90s candies. Here are some candies from the 90s that will surely bring back some sweet and sour memories.
Love Candies? THESE candies from the 90s will surely bring back fond memories
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Every kid who was born in the 90s will agree that 90s was the best era to grow up. Be it cartoon shows like Tom & Jerry, Noddy, Shinchan or Pokemon, or candies like Poppins, every 90s kid has some nostalgia attached to it. And now in 2020, we miss the era in which we grew up in. More than the era, we miss the candies we ate. 


We, as the 90s kids have the fondest memories of candies. Back in the day, the candies were limited but were simply amazing. There was candy for everyone, and if you love candies, then you know what I am talking about. Reminiscing the good old 90s, here are some candies that will bring back some of the fondest memories of your childhood.   


Here are candies from the 90s that we all ate and grew up. 


Phantom Sweet Cigarettes: Back in the day, when we were kids faking smoking a cigarette was our thing. And that's when sweet cigarettes came into play. They looked like real cigarettes when you held them, but they were just normal candies. 




Boomer is not just chewing gum, it's iconic chewing gum. It is the first chewing gums we got hands-on. It is undoubtedly the OG chewing gum we've eaten so far. 




One candy that is known for its multiple flavours and colours. This candy is still famous and in demand, hence is easily the most iconic candy from the 90s.  


Big Babol:


Have you ever made bubbles while chewing gum? If yes, then you have eaten a big babol. Not only the gum but its jingle was a legendary one too. 


Kismi Bar:


This elaichi flavoured chocolate first made a debut as a bar and then was later sold as toffees. 


Jelly cups: This one is my personal favourite. Jelly in cups with different flavours was not only fun to eat but was also fascinating to look at.


Rola Cola: We weren't allowed to drink too much cold drink in our childhood, and hence this chocolate became our favourite. The cola-flavoured Poppins like candy, was a super hit among us.  


Mango Bite:


This is the OG mango candy of all times, and it doesn't need any introduction. 




We all remember crushing over this chocolate when it was launched. The tagline 'melody itni chocolaty kyun hai', is still our favourite, just like the chocolate. 


If you love any other candies from the 90s that we haven't included in the list, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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