Love Coffee? Here's why you should try Dalgona Coffee ASAP

If you love coffee, then you have to try the latest trending coffee and that is the Dalgona Coffee. Read below to find out how you can make this delicious coffee at home within a few minutes.
Love Coffee? Here's why you should try Dalgona Coffee ASAP Love Coffee? Here's why you should try Dalgona Coffee ASAP
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Some people love their masala chai while many cannot do without their cuppa coffee. Even when it comes to coffee, people like their coffee in different ways. Some like to have black coffee with little or no sugar, while others prefer to have milk coffee. Some like to have a cold brew, while many love to sip on some filter coffee. Whatever is your taste, there's something for everything when it comes to coffee. 


If you are a coffee lover, then I am sure you are keeping up with the coffee trend that has gone viral on social media. Yes, coffee lovers across the world are investing their time to make Dalgona coffee. It is the latest coffee fas that has taken the online world by storm. 


The Dalgona coffee trend began on TikTok, with the hashtag #DalgonaCoffee garnered over 10 million views on the app. After TikTok, the trend soon made its way to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, and since then everyone is trying to make this coffee. The best part about this coffee is its frothy layer. 


So for the love of coffee, here's how you can make Dalgona coffee at home. 


The coffee is made by repeatedly beating coffee, sugar and hot water until it becomes airy. The resultant mix is super light, which is why it sits on top of the milk and doesn't immediately mix with it. 




Ingredients needed: You need 2 tbsp each of coffee powder, sugar and hot water, 1/2 glass cold milk and ice cubes as per preference. 


Method to make it: In a bowl, add coffee powder, sugar and hot water. Use a hand mixer or spoon to whip the mixture well. Mix it until the coffee mix becomes a thick froth. Post that, add a few ice cubes in the glass, and pour some milk on top of it. Once that's done, add the coffee mixture on top. Serve chilled.

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