Love cooking? Check out these 5 tips to take the leap from an amateur to a chef

Wondering what makes the restaurant food so delicious and exquisite? Here are some safely guarded chef secrets to prepare that perfect gourmet food and to elevate your cooking skills.
Love cooking? Check out these 5 tips to take the leap from an amateur to a chef
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You love trying new recipes and whipping out new dishes every day. You know the kitchen better than anybody else in the house and have a pet peeve of buying knives and chopping boards from every store. Sure, you know your spices and your sauces but there is a reason why restaurant food tastes a little more elevated and sophisticated than home-cooked food.


There are some tips and tricks you can learn to grow as a cook and to prepare gourmet food at home with ease. So follow these simple tips to take your cookery skills up a notch.

Don’t stir continuously

Let the ingredients cook for some time to maximise flavour and to ensure an even cook and resist the urge to stir continuously.

Cook pasta in the sauce

We all know to cook pasta, add salt to the water and boil the pasta for a few minutes. But instead of straining it, put it directly in the sauce after taking it out from the water.

Use a wet towel

Use a sturdy, wooden chopping board and put a wet towel under it. It shouldn’t be dripping wet, just slightly damp to give your chopping board the much-needed grip to chop your veggies easily.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good stock

Don’t throw away the vegetable scraps and the meat bones, instead use them to make a flavourful stock that can be used in almost every dish to give it depth and a rich flavour profile.

Mise en place 

Mise en place in French means “everything in its place”. Assemble all the ingredients at one place before you start cooking. This will ensure that you don’t forget any ingredient and will prevent last-minute chaos.

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