Love Indian food? Here are some desi meals that cause weight gain

Desi food is delicious and we just can’t get enough of it. You may not know that these desi meals that may be secretly causing weight gain.
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Indian food is the best. It is full of flavour and it makes your tummy and your taste buds happy. We Indians cannot live without Indian food. We have a lot of different cuisines and we just can’t stop eating desi food. A healthy and fit body is an important part of our lives and so is desi food. But we need to find a balance between the two. We can’t give up our desi meals but we can’t give up on fitness either. What we all fail to realise is that some of our favourite Indian meals can hamper our diet and cause weight gain. It’s essential to limit the intake of these unhealthy Indian foods and find a replacement for it in our cuisine which isn’t too difficult. Here are some desi meals that cause weight gain.

1. Naan is made of maida (flour) and it has more calories than you think. Replace your naan with chapati or tandoori roti. Skip the butter on your roti.

2. Samosas are full of vegetables but let’s not forget the fact that it’s deep-fried in oil that accelerates weight gain.

3. We all love some greasy food which is alright but having poori or bhature can disrupt your diet. It’s deep-fried in oil that can never be good for your fitness.

4. Everyone loves some suji or moong dal ka halwa but it’s soaked in oil or ghee as well as sugar and that can cause a lot of weight gain.

5. Parathas may seem nice but aloo and butter and pickle add the calories that cause weight gain.

6. A south Indian breakfast seems like a healthy decision. Medu vada with sambar and mint chutney seems delicious but it’s made of dal which is difficult to digest and it’s deep-fried which means that it soaks oil when it’s cooked.

7. Maggie may seem like a great snack but it really isn’t. Packaged spice and fried noodles can never be healthy. Avoid Maggie and try to have oats instead.

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