Love fluffy waffles? Check out these 5 recipes to curb the cravings

If you’re salivating at the mention of the term ‘waffle,’ then get ready to delve into the aromatic world of this light and fluffy treat with these delicious recipes.
Quick recipes,Waffle recipes,Waffles Love fluffy waffles? Check out these 5 recipes to curb the cravings
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Can’t get enough of the doughy goodness of waffles? There is something about the hollow cavity and blocks of waffles that makes people go gaga over it. Crisp and firm or soft and moist, waffles come in a plethora of shapes and flavours. From savoury to sweet, this mouth-watering breakfast staple is one food you should definitely try if you haven’t already. 

But in case you happen to be a waffle lover who wants to try making this delight at the comfort of your home, then you’ve landed on the right article. Today, we are sharing with you some scrumptious waffle recipes that will definitely curb the hunger pangs and tantalise your taste buds. 

Get ready to experience the wow taste of waffles with these 5 lip-smacking recipes. 

1. Chocolate waffles 

What’s better than delving in the goodness of waffles combined with the heavenly taste of chocolate? Yummy! 

2. Cheese corn rawa waffles 

Made with gram flour, semolina and corn kernels, and topped with grated cheese, these waffles will become your favourite in no time. 

3. Banana waffles 

Light and crisp, these whole wheat banana waffles couldn’t be simpler to make and are pure love. 

4. Potato waffles 

Cheesy and savoury waffles prepared with mashed potatoes and mozzarella cheese is a must try for all waffle lovers. 

5. The classic waffle

How can we miss the classic waffle? This recipe is a quick, delicious meal that the whole family will love. 

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