Love Maggi? Give a twist to it by trying THESE recipes

We all love to have maggi since it is our comfort food, if you are a maggi lover too, then here are some experimentive maggi dishes that you have to try ASAP. These dishes will help you fall in love with maggi all over again.
Love Maggi? Give a twist to it by trying THESE recipes
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What is your comfort food? What is one dish that you can make even in your sleep or what is one dish that's easily available anywhere? Well, the answer to all these things is Maggi. Maggi is not a food, it's an emotion. We all have that meri wali Maggi moment, where we are proud of the Maggi that we have made. Be it soupy or dry Maggi, eating Maggi has its own joy. Not only do we enjoy eating our 2-minute noodles, but we also love to experiment with it. 


If you love Maggi and want to experiment with it, then here are some Maggi recipes that you must try right away. These recipes will make you fall in love with Maggi all over again. 


1. Fried Maggi


If you've tried both soup and dry Maggi, then it's time for you to try deep-fried Maggi. And the way to do it is quite simple. Cook the Maggi and carefully deep fry it in the pan. Sprinkle some masala and relish it with your favourite tomato sauce. 


2. Maggie sandwich


Sandwich and Maggie our favourite things and an amalgamation of both will surely form something tasty. All you have to do is, cook some dry maggie and mix your favourite sandwich ingredients out and add make stuffing to add it in between the bread.


3. Cheese Maggi


We all cheese pizza, cheese sandwich and even plain cheese, and for the love of the cheese, it's time to combine it with Maggi. Make your usual Maggi and add a slice of cheese into it. Let it melt for a while and then turn off the gas. Then enjoy your cheese Maggi. 

Here's how you can make it. 


4. Maggi Burger


Want to add some spice to your boring burger, then how about adding Maggi to it? Instead of using a bun, you can cover your patty using Maggi. Here's how you can make it. 


5. Maggi Springroll


It's time to bid goodbye to the regular old cabbage and chicken spring roll. Since now you have to try Maggi spring roll. It sounds complex, but it isn't especially when you understand the recipe. Here's how you can make it. It's simple, and it adds an oriental taste to your OG Maggi.

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