Love Momos? THESE are the places in India that every momo lover must visit

When it comes to food, one thing that's popular across India is momo. Momos are loved by everyone in India and if you are momo fan, then you must visit these places in India to have some great momos.
Love Momos? THESE are the places in India that every momo lover must visit
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When it comes to food, every street food or cuisine holds a special place in our hearts. Be it Mumbai's Vada Pav or Kolkata's Kathi Roll, we have a fond memory with each of these dishes. But then some dishes are not only our comfort food, but they are also famous for being tasty and filling. And one such dish is momo. We cannot eat enough of momos, be it steamed momos or fried momos, our love for momo is completely different. 


The succulent taste of momos served with spicy chutney is all you need on a bad day. Momos are dumplings native to Tibet and Nepal. Traditionally, momo is prepared with minced meat filling, but now, one can find numerous variations. If you enjoy momos and are thinking about going to the nearest momo joint to hog on some, you should certainly visit these places in India, especially to taste the mouth-wateringly yummy momos!




Meat momos are quite common in Darjeeling. Apart from meat momos, the cheese momos or the soft chhurpi momos are scrumptious! In Darjeeling, momos are generally served with soup or pickle. When in Darjeeling, you must visit Kunga, Devas and Hot Stimulating Café, these are the places loved by every momos lover. 




This place serves a few of the yummiest kinds of momos in the world. McLeod Ganj has Tibet Kitchen, which offers chicken momos, which taste like none other you have had before. If you love experimenting with food, then a visit to JJI Exile Brothers Mom's Kitchen is a must. Since they serve some delicious peanut butter and chocolate momos. 




Mumbai is usually known for its vivid varieties of street food and with time, Mumbai is also getting famous for momos. You must try momos at the Appetite momos, and should also not miss the lane full of momos vendors at Utsav Chowk, Kharghar.




In Sikkim, you can find momos in every restaurant and roadside stalls. Steamed momos served with red hot chilli sauce are quite common in Sikkim. The momos here are so palatable, that you might end up eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!




Delhi is again known for its momos. Potala House, Dolma Aunty Momos are among the popular joints that serve momos in Delhi. Some stalls in Delhi fry momos in Ghee and you must try them too.


So, for the love of momos, head straight to these places ASAP!

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