Love travelling? Here's a list of the safety travel essentials; Check it out

Updated on Jun 19, 2019 11:01 PM IST  |  966K
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Traveling can be stressful and you never know what situation you may end up in. You may not have access to the things you need in an emergency. Therefore, it's better to be safe than sorry. An interesting travel story is not the only important thing in life, safety is too. Here is a list of safety essentials that you should always pack for a safe and peaceful journey. 


1) First Aid Kit

Don’t ever forget to carry a first aid kit for emergencies as well as some SOS and emergency medications like painkillers, anti-vomiting medication, etc. Don’t forget any SOS medication that has been prescribed to you or your fellow traveler by the doctor. Carry extras.


2) Sanitizer

Always carry a hand sanitizer as well as a toilet seat sanitizer. You may be immune but you don’t want to catch some STD or STI from the toilet seats. In situations where you may not have access to water to wash your hands a hand sanitizer may come to your rescue.


3) Tissues

Always carry a small pack of tissues and wet tissues for emergencies. You never know when you may need a tissue in a dire situation.


4) Identification

Don’t depend on only one form of identification. Carry a few extra governments approved identification cards.


5) Earphones

You never know when you may come across a situation where you’re cramped up in a small place with a crying baby. Those earphones in the back of your handbag may save your ears. Don’t forget to throw in a pair of earphones that may save you from boredom.


6) Cash

Stash a little bit of cash here and there in different places in case you ever lose your purse. Always keep extra cash for emergencies.


7) Jacket

Always carry or wear a jacket while traveling. It may save you from too much air-conditioning or those harsh UV rays or from that unexpected spotting or maybe even a ripped top or pants.


8) Vaseline

It can be a good moisturizer, makeup remover as well as lip balm. Keep a small pack handy.


9) Snack

Always carry a small snack bar or protein bar in your bag for emergencies. It may save you from dying hungry or from taking a pill without eating.


10) Tampon/Pads/Menstrual Cup

Always carry a pack of your choice of sanitary product. You never know when it may save you or a fellow lady from staining. Tampons and pads may come handy for first aid too.


11) Pocket knife

A swiss knife or a pocket knife may come handy in cutting open a package or as a weapon to protect yourself in dire situations. Remember to put it in your checked in luggage if you’re flying.


12) Power Bank

Always pack a power bank in case you end up with no electricity and/or no battery.