From The Lunchbox to English Vinglish: 6 Bollywood movies every foodie should watch

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From The Lunchbox to English Vinglish: 6 Bollywood movies every foodie should watch

If you are a couch potato and your idea of a perfect weekend is curling up on, heating up a plate of pasta and watching your favourite movie then this article is for you.

India is a country with rich culture and every culture comes with different food varieties. Our beloved country offers such scrumptious dishes that even Bollywood couldn’t resist. Hindi cinema has been making some great food-oriented movies. Here are the 6 movies that every food lover should watch.

1. The Lunchbox
This movie shows a very different way to showcase the fondness between Ila (Nimrat Kaur) and Saajan (Irrfan Khan) through a wrongly delivered lunchbox. The movie won Filmfare Awards in the category of Best Film, Best Debut Director, and Best Supporting Actor.

2. Ramji Londonwale
This movie revolves around the story of an orphan cook Ramji (R Madhavan), who is accountable for her sister’s good future at her in-law’s house. In order to earn a big amount of money, he goes to London to become a personal cook for a rich Indian.

3. English Vinglish
This movie showcased the struggle of an Indian housewife and mother, Shashi (Sridevi), who has a strong passion for cooking. When she visits the US for a family wedding, she gets a chance to showcase her passion and connects with a man who is also a French chef.

4. Cheeni Kum
This movie revolves around 64-year old chef Buddhadev (Amitabh Bachchan) whose only passion in life is to cook with perfection. The film takes an interesting turn when the chef falls in love with a 34-year old woman and uses his culinary skills to startle her.

5. Chef
The movie revolves around a renowned chef Roshan (Saif Ali Khan), who is pretty down to earth but hot-headed. After losing his job, he attempts to bond with his son through the journey of food. When his ex-wife suggests him a food business idea, a new trip starts.

6. Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana
The movie revolves around Omi (Kunal Kapoor), who flew back to India after deceiving a gangster in London. When he finds out that his grandfather’s old restaurant is in a crisis, he decides to rediscover the mouth-watering secret recipe for his famous chicken recipe that will change his fortunes.

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