Make BOLD and SPICY Kimchi at home in just 5 simple steps

Kimchi is a famous Korean dish that is mainly made with napa cabbage. It has bold and unique flavours and is the perfect side dish with a variety of dishes. Try this simple recipe to make your very own mouthwatering kimchi at home.
Make BOLD and SPICY Kimchi at home in just 5 simple steps
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Kimchi is a Korean side dish that is made using the process of Lacto-fermentation to pickle the vegetables. It mainly consists of cabbage and has a rich flavour profile and includes garlic, spring onions, and ginger seasonings. 

It is said to be highly beneficial for health as it helps in lowering cholesterol, preventing obesity, and is packed with vitamins like A, B, and C. It is also rich in probiotic content that is beneficial for gut health. Follow this easy 5-step recipe to make Kimchi at home and to surprise your tastebuds with the unique and bold flavours of this delectable Korean side dish.

Step 1

Chop some green or napa cabbage into small pieces and mix these with some salt in a bowl. Cover the bowl and let it rest for 5-7 hours till the cabbage leaves have released their liquid. 

Step 2

Blend 2-3 garlic cloves, sugar, 3 tsp Gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes), 1 tsp ginger, and 2 thinly-sliced carrots to make a smooth paste. You can also use 1 tsp of Sriracha instead of Gochugaru.

Step 3

Once the cabbage is ready, strain the liquid and keep it aside. Mix the cabbage leaves with the prepared paste and place them in transparent jars and pour the cabbage liquid. Add some water on top if needed.

Step 4

Cover the jar tightly with the lid and make sure there are no air pockets to let the vegetables ferment properly. Keep the jar in a cool place without any direct sunlight for 2- 5 days.

Step 5

Taste the kimchi every day to know when it’s ready and keep pressing down the leaves to keep them covered in the liquid. When you feel it has developed the spicy and ripe enough taste, transfer the jars into the refrigerator.

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