Make Navratri fasting easy with these 5 healthy ingredients in your meal

Updated on Oct 09, 2021 03:38 AM IST  |  42.8K
Make Navratri fasting easy with these 5 healthy ingredients in your meal
Make Navratri fasting easy with these 5 healthy ingredients in your meal

It is the time of the year when devotees around the world worship Goddess Durga by observing a fast. Fasting through the nine-day festival detoxifies the body and calms the soul and mind. The Navratri fasting rule book lays down certain dos and don'ts to stay healthy and control the hunger pangs. Here is the list of 5 healthy ingredients that you should add to your “one meal a day” Navratri fasting. 

1. Amaranth Flour (Rajgira atta)

Amaranth Flour is popularly known as Rajgira ka atta. This flour contains lysine that enhances the body's absorption of calcium. This flour is one of the richest sources of fibre that keeps you energised throughout the day. You can make parathas, thalipeeth, or puris for a smooth fasting period. 


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2. Ragi Flour

The majority of the devotees skip adding ragi flour to their meals, but research says that this flour can be consumed while observing a fast. It is loaded with calcium and helps in maintaining blood pressure throughout the fasting period. They also contain an immense amount of fibre that rejuvenates the body. 


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3. Buckwheat (Kuttu)

Buckwheat also known as Kuttu is a staple ingredient while observing Navratri fast. Kutta ka atta is the powerhouse of nutrition. This flour is basically an amalgamation of fruit seeds. It has great power to make your one day meal fast and satisfactory. You can make scrumptious rotis and parathas to compliment the delicious aloo sabzi. 


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4. Barnyard Millet (Khira / Swank / Kuthiraivally / Udalu / Kodisama / Siridhanya)

These tiny grains are supposed to be cooked like rice to stay healthy and energised throughout the auspicious fasting period of Navratri. They are high in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and few amino acids. It is the most important source of energy to add in your meals. 


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5. Whole Sabudana

Fasting is incomplete without the delicacies prepared from Sabudana. Be it khichdi or vada, Sabudana delicacies are loved by all. It is yet another staple ingredient added in the meal and consumed by Indians while observing any fast. It provides loads of energy and a non-cereal rich in carbohydrates, starch, and calories. Can't control your hunger pangs in Navratri? Consume delicious Sabudana meals.  


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The fasting rule book for Navratri has multiple versions. But these top 5 healthy ingredients are irreplaceable for staying energised throughout the nine-day bonanza. Refill your pantries or else you have to experience uncontrollable hunger pangs this festive season.

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