Make your everyday ‘chai hour’ healthy with THESE 7 tea blends that boost immunity

Updated on Sep 08, 2021 07:24 PM IST  |  140.3K
Make your everyday ‘chai hour’ healthy with THESE 7 tea blends that boost immunity
Make your everyday ‘chai hour’ healthy with THESE 7 tea blends that boost immunity

Most Indians can’t survive a day without tea. If headaches and restlessness are what skipping a day of tea can give you, then, yes, you too are a tea addict like us. While they say drinking too much tea damages your teeth, can affect your health, and make you an addict who can’t live without it, check out these 7 blends that have a different flavour and is also healthy and can help you in ways you never thought a glass of tea could. Scroll on and add to cart your choice of tea to give your everyday chai hour a healthy twist.


Matcha Tea

Superfoods are the talk of the town everywhere. Matchas are plant-based derivatives that help increase your immunity and have 137x higher antioxidants than regular green tea which helps in 6 hours of sustained energy and anti ageing skin properties.


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Turmeric Latte Mix

While the beneficiary properties of turmeric can be many, this latte mix from Vahdam brings you the ultimate health-promoting benefits of the ancient superfood. This should be your go-to tea if you’re dealing with skin issues, laziness, and weak immunity.


Price: Rs 270

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Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea

This nourishing wholesome blend of hibiscus, rose petals, and spices are rich in antioxidants, hydrates, and contributes to better overall health. It also helps alleviate stress and promotes good sleep.


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Black Tea

These black tea bags are made from the finest first flush black teas sourced from Darjeeling tea plantations. It features vegetable notes, grass, and sweet fruits in every sip. 


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Berry Blast Fruit Tea

Filled with Vitamin C, in addition to a variety of other vitamins and minerals, this tea blend made from naturally dehydrated fruits is super healthy and tasty with the fruity taste of apple and subtle notes of cinnamon.


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All-Day Immunity Elixir Green Tea

Perfect for the freezing winters that are almost there, this immunity booster tea can fix your throat pain, cold and sore throat. It also strengthens the body's natural defense system and promotes wellness.


Price: Rs 750

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Jasmine Green Tea

With the perfect blend of green tea and dried jasmine flowers, this tea holds a sweet aroma and also a buttery smooth feel in your mouth. It aids digestion and boosts immunity.


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If a glass of tea a day can make you happy then why not make it healthy and be happier?


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