Malaika Arora shares her daily food intake to keep fit; Here is everything you need to know

Malaika Arora shares her diet tips in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla and we are here to give you an insight into her daily routine on how she manages to keep fit with tips and tricks to achieve that fabulous body and what she has to say about ‘cheat days’. Find out more.
malaika arora face Malaika Arora shares her daily food intake to keep fit; Here is everything you need to know
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Known as the fitness icon in the Bollywood industry, Malaika Arora shares with us her daily food intake and what she likes to eat during her meals to stay happy and healthy. In a world that is constantly in a bid to stay fit, Malaika believes that is important to follow what you can achieve and set goals accordingly that is conducive and easy to follow through. It is about maintaining a balanced diet that will keep you healthy and content.

From sharing her food regime to what are her thoughts about having a cheat day in your diet plan, here is all you need to know about Malaika’s secret to maintaining a fit and fabulous body.

Breakfast: Malaika follows intermittent fasting and does not consume her daily breakfast in the morning. She starts her day with warm water and honey, her first meal of the day is lunch and she only consumes coconut oil or ghee as part of her morning ritual.

Lunch: She likes to keep her meals regular with nothing fancy. Dal, sabzi, roti, rice and anything vegetarian is her go-to meal as she is a vegetarian. This besides keeping intact that all the vegetables are organically produced.

Dinner: As Malaika is an early riser, her last meal is at 7 in the evening, before sunset. For dinner, she likes to have comfort food like soup, and her all time favourite is khichdi apart from the usual dal, sabzi, roti.

Malaika’s best advice on keeping it healthy

Malaika’s best advice is to eat her last meal before sunset and eat healthily. Her thoughts on having a cheat meal are not too rigid, if you feel like having a cheat meal then so be it. You can have it on weekends or on weekdays as it is better to do something that you can follow through.

Food items that Malaika avoids

A strict measure that Malaika follows in her diet is to avoid all things white. Food items like processed sugar, excess of table salt, white pasta, maida, gluten and dairy are the things that she completely avoids.

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Anonymous 8 months ago

So what are those frequent dinner/brunch outings with her BFFs all about??? they just sit there sipping water?