Masala Chai Recipe: Here's how you can make the PERFECT cup of tea

Love tea and always find a reason to have a perfect cup of tea? Read below to find out how these ingredients can help you make the perfect cup of masala chai at home.
Masala Chai Recipe: Here's how you can make the PERFECT cup of tea
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Winter not only calls for woollen clothes, leather jackets, vacations, it also calls for a nice steaming cup of masala tea. Masala tea and winter go hand in hand since the tea provides you with the heat and antioxidants that your body needs. Nothing can beat a perfect cup of masala tea. Especially during winters, we tend to sip on at least 2 to 3 cup of teas, and if the tea is well made, then the cup count can increase too.

Over the years, we Indian have made our version of masala chai by adding our spices and unique flavours to it. Masala chai is not only good to sip on during winters but it also aids better digestion, reduces nausea, relieves pains and aches and improves heart health. If you are someone who is planning to master the art of making a perfect cup of masala chai, then read below to find out the recipe. 


Ingredients for masala chai: 




Tulsi is almost found in every Indian household. Add a few leaves of freshly plucked tulsi leaves. Add them in a minute or so after you add the tea leaves and boil so that the flavour blends with the chai.


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Elaichi has a soothing and refreshing flavour and should be added while boiling the tea. You can crush the seeds or open the pod and add it. 




This is the most important ingredient of any chai. No tea can be complete without ginger. Crush the ginger and add into the water before it starts boiling so that the juices have enough time to add flavour. It is great for sore throats too. 


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Black pepper:


Black pepper works wonders for sore throat and hence adding it in your tea is a great option. 


Here's how you can make the Masala tea at home: 

Take a pan and add 2 cups of water and bring it to boil. Then in the boiling water add ginger, tulsi leaves, and 2 tsp of tea leaves. Continue boiling on low heat till the colour starts changing and the consistency becomes a little less watery. Strain and serve hot. It makes two cups of tea. Serve it hot with your favourite snacks. 


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