Methi seeds are the magic kitchen ingredient you needed: Check out ALL the ways fenugreek seeds can be used

Methi or Feungreek is one of the most basic ingredients we use for almost everything we make. But did you know, its properties go beyond just adding flavour to our food? Find out more!
Food & Travel,methi seeds,fenugreek,fenugreek seedsMethi seeds are the magic kitchen ingredient you needed: Check out ALL the ways fenugreek seeds can be used
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Whether it is the traditional pakora during winters or steaming hot paranthas for breakfast, the tadka of methi seeds is a must in almost all of our foods. They have a pleasant flavour and the aroma of curry powder which not only adds a dash of taste to every food but also makes everything smell great! But that's not the only thing that's great about this kitchen ingredient. It comes with numerous health benefits as well! Read on to know more. 

Cleanses skin

When soaked in water overnight and then blended into a paste, these seeds makes for the ultimate face cleanser as it helps in absorbing the oil and excess dirt from the skin. 

Skin toner

Soak the seeds in water over night. The water in which you soaked the seeds can also be used as a mild toner - just dip some cotton in it and rub on your face to help make it look instantly refreshed. This water can be stored in a bottle an be used for a while. 

Fights off dandruff

Excellent in dealing with problems that appear at the root follicles, these seeds help fight off the irritation on the skin which has dandruff on it. Methi not only has anti bacterial but anti fungal properties as well which help in getting rid of dandruff. Mix the methi paste with yogurt an apply this mask on your head once every week for a month to get rid of dandruff completely. 

Fights off premature grey hair

Grey hair is common today among 20-year-olds in the country and is extremely unnatural. Meet contains high levels of potassium which helps in tackling grey hair. Mix the methi paste with amla juice and apply it to your scalp and hair. Let this sit for around half an hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo. 

Brightens skin

Vitamin C is one of the main ingredients present in methi and this is what enables it to glow bright. Mix a little milk with the paste and apply it on your face to make the perfect skin brightening face mask. 

Helps in digestion

When consumed on a daily basis, it helps improve bowel movements and fights against acid refluxes as well a indigestion and other digestive problems. Methi also helps the body flush out dangerous toxins. Drinking water that methi seeds were soaked in is excellent for digestion! 

Reduces wrinkles and dark spots

Using the seeds as a face mask helps in reversing signs of ageing like wrinkles and dark spots as methi helps in tightening and enabling that the skin remains firm, reducing fine lines and wrinkles with prolonged use. 

Acne cure

Methi has anti-bacterial properties which helps fight off acne easily. Boil the seeds in water for around 20 minutes then remove the seeds and use the cooled water on your face. You will notice your acne subsequently reducing. 

Reduces menstrual cramps

Chewing on soaked methi seeds helps ease discomfort and reduces the cramps that occur during menstruation. The relief is almost immediate!

Lowers the risk of heart disease and improves kidney function

Methi contains galacticmannan which is an excellent remedy for a good heart. The potassium present in it also helps in lowering blood pressure and helps kidneys in functioning better by preventing the cells to get damaged by forming a membrane around them!


Are you impressed by the benefits of methi and all set to include it in every part of your life? 

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