Mira Rajput's secret to staying fit, shares her healthy and fresh salad's recipe

Mira Rajput took to Instagram and shared the recipe of her fresh vegetable salad, and now we know the secret behind her fit body and glowing skin
Mira Rajput's secret to staying fit shares her healthy and fresh salad's recipe
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Ever since Mira Kapoor has come into the limelight after marrying actor Shahid Kapoor, the world has been obsessed with her. She gets papped wherever she goes and everyone wants to know who she, what she is doing, where is going and what she is wearing. Mira has also proved to quite the fashionista with her on-point fashion choices. Another adorable thing that Mira and Shahid do is workout together. Well, you know what they say, a couple that stays fit together lives together. 

Mira Rajput recently made an Instagram debut and quickly gained close to 300K followers. The star wife uses this platform to share snippets of her life including her fabulous OOTD pictures, throwback pictures, pictures of Shahid and Mira's adorable daughter Misha and more. 

Recently, Mira took to Instagram and shared an insight into the secret behind Mira looking this fabulous and her post-pregnancy weight loss. It seems she swears by fresh and organic ingredients, she shared the recipe for a fresh and healthy salad that she made. In case you guys missed this recipe then here goes! 

Name of the Salad: Farm to Fork Salad (Made with fresh veggies from the farmer's market) 


  1. Salad leaves 
  2. Red and yellow bell pepper
  3. Cucumbers 
  4. Red Radish 
  5. Beetroot 
  6. Beetroot Leaves


  1. Dollop of fresh chilli garlic ricotta 
  2. Strawberry Vinaigrette (because strawberries are in abundance this time of the year) ​

Well, Mira truly has inspired us to eat healthy and organic in the new year! While we go put our chef hats on and try this new salad, you guys comment below and let us know your thoughts! 

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No you will never have a body like Kareena's you and Shahid can keep trying to imitate her all you want

Go away you annoying nobody!

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That really does look healthy, good for her.

She has so many spelling and grammar errors in basic English. Wasn't she an English major in college??

Bhai where is farmer's market in Mumbai???

Why is this nobody is in the entertainment section of pinkvilla news? Shahid is the star and his wife and kid are not relevant.

What is wrong with people? So much negativity, it is her choice to decide what she wants to post. Get a life, she has a great one. I am not Mira but get really sad when people are writing bad things about everyone including little ones like Misha, Aradhya and Taimur.

This is a joke isn't it? how can a starwife get so much coverage over superstars? This girl needs to calm down or she may just find herself becoming another Dimple Kapadia. two children and having to start from scratch and with a younger man.

How can a nobody be in news more than real stars? well her daddies can pay or whatever, but for viewers, nothing more irritating than a nobody's article.

No one is forcing you to read articles about Mira. You are doing it out of your own interest. Anyway, Mira looks better than many fake celebs we have, so I like reading her posts and looking at her photos. She is graceful, pretty, smartly dressed and fit in a healthy way

Hi Mira

Hi babe don't worry I'll support you.

Mira sure is beautiful and fit. I love her dressing sense too

Okay Mira

Maybe PV gets a lot of views for her articles. That's why they post more about her than celebrities. Strange but true! BTW, I don't dislike her.

ACTUAL celebs ate busy doing their work and fake ones are busy trying to get famous and attention.

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