Mouth-watering Italian inspired recipes to satisfy your craving for a hearty vegetarian meal

Here are 2 mouth-watering Italian inspired recipes to satisfy your craving for a hearty vegetarian meal.

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Italian recipe
Mouth-watering Italian inspired recipes to satisfy your craving for a hearty vegetarian meal
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Despite the fact that Italian cuisine frequently requires a full day of preparation and that some of its ingredients must be aged for months at a time, the actual preparation of an Italian meal is very simple. Without having advanced culinary experience, the Italian philosophy of cooking makes it simple to prepare a beautiful, tasty dish for an entire family. Chef Himanil Khosla of Mumbai's Ammata restaurant is with us today to bring his culinary expertise.

These 2 Italian-inspired recipes make for a delicious option for a hearty vegetarian dinner tonight.


1. Quatro Formage Chilli Toast


For Baguette:    

700 Gms Refine Flour    

300 Gms Wheat Flour   

20 Gms Dough Improver            

15 Gms Gluten Powder 

20 Gms Salt       

100 Gms Sugar 

40 Gms Yeast    

600 Gms Water

1 Gms Oats on top

1 Gms Alsi on top

1 Gms Kalongi on top

2 Gms Seasame on top

For 5 whole Baguette slice:        

30 Gms Mozrella Grated

30 Gms Emental Grated

30 Gms Amul Processed Cheese grated

30 Gms Cheddar             ,

10 Gms Skarmoza Grated

To taste Chilli flakes       

To taste green chilli fine chop

50 Gm White sauce       

20 Gm Cream   

To taste Pepper              

To taste Salt      

10 Gms Butter 

5 Gms Garlic fine chop

2 Gms Thyme fine chop

For Parmesan Crisp (Yield - 75gm):

100 gm Grated Parmesan           

10 gm Bread Crumb      

5 gm Parsley     

3 gm Paprika    

3 gm Peri Peri Powder  


2 Sun dried Tomatoes

3 Gms Baby Carrot into thin slice

3 Gms Asparagus into thin slice

5 Gms Parmesan Crisp  


Mix all cheese together and add green chilli, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, white sauce and cream. Cut the baguette in half moon slices. Toast the baguette with butter, garlic and thyme. Now add the cheese batter and toast it again till the cheese starts melting. Add carrot and asparagus. Now garnish it with sundried tomatoes, parmesan crisp, beetroot aioli and sriracha aioli. Knead all ingredients together. Shape like a Baguette in a tray and let it sit for 1 hr. Then Bake it at 180'c, fan speed 2 for 12-15 min and your dish is ready to be served.

mushroom galouti

2. Porchhini and Shitake Mushroom Galouti


For Mushroom Galouti:

200 gms Button Mushroom       

50 gms Shitake

30 gms  Porchini             

20 gms  Roasted Channa Powder            

3 gms Red Chilli Powder              

1 gms Clove Powder      

1 gms Cinnamon Powder            

1 gms Black Cardamom powder

1 gms Star annies powder          

1 gms Jeera powder      

1 gms Coriander powder            

20 ml Ghee       

1 gms Whole clove        

To taste Salt      

5 gms Aromate

2 gms Black Pepper Powder       

For Parmesan Biscutti:  

300 gms Refined Flour  

200mgms Butter            

50 gms  Grated Parmesan           

For Truffle Parmesan Mousse:   

5 gm Cream      

10 gm Milk        

0.4 gm Salt        

1 Form Charger

0.5 gm Truffle Oil           


To prepare Mushroom Galouti:

To make a fine paste, boil all of the mushrooms together. Now, in a pan, melt the ghee and add the mushroom paste. Cook for a few minutes, or until the paste starts to leave the pan. Cook for a few minutes after adding the roasted chana powder and the rest of the powder masala to the pan. Remove it from the pan and cover it with a lid after smoking it with clove and ghee.

To prepare Parmesan Biscutti:   

Combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Cut to the size of a ring coin. Preheat oven to 130°C and bake for 30 minutes on fan speed 1. Your dish is ready to be served.                             

Ammata, means ‘Beloved’ in Spanish. It symbolises the true love with divinity and its beautiful creation. Ammata is the creator's love and thus the decor and food is all inspired by the one thing which remains pure no matter what - Nature. "Bringing the warmth of the nature with vibe of love and merriment, we invite you to Ammata the Garden of Beloved," affirms owner Aditya Chopra.

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