Move over green tea: Blue tea is the latest weight loss drink that WORKS wonders!

Blue is the new green, at least when it comes to tea! Skip the old detox drink and switch to the new one.
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There is so much known about green tea. It aids weight loss, is excellent for health and is tasty! But there are many other kinds of herbal teas that work better but are lesser known. Chamomile tea for instance is known to be soothing and doubles as a stress buster. Pea flower tea is another kind of tea that leaves a stunning colour, is extremely healthy and can be consumed both hot and cold. 

This variant is caffeine-free and its petals have been used to make a bluish dye. It is incredibly popular in Thailand and Vietnam, before it became popular all over the world. It is also popularly known as Oolong tea or black dragon tea. 

It is the perfect detox drink as it is extremely rich in antioxidants which protects the body from free radicals. It is also said to be great for the skin and fight ageing, wrinkles, and more. 

A warm cup of tea is perfect to bust that stress and reduce anxiety. It also enhances the mood by helping you to calm those nerves, and leaves you in a good mood. 

The herbs are also known to regulate the blood sugar levels and could help in managing diabetes. This needs to be taken after consulting with your doctor, though!

Caffeine present in this tea also helps in boosting metabolism and therefore burn more calories. It helps in getting rid of belly fat as well and prevents weight gain around the stomach. It also improves liver health, according to recent studies. The Oolong tea also contains a mineral called theanine which helps keep you alert and focused.

It is quite an effective way to keep yourself hydrated through the day and remain healthy, fit and even loose some of that flab. 

Are you going to try this tea? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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