National Herbs and Spices Day 2021: 10 Essential herbs & spices to boost immunity against Coronavirus

National Herbs and Spices Day is celebrated in the U.S to let people know about the importance of herbs and spices in cooking. So, Chef Natasha Gandhi, Founder, House of Millets shared top 10 herbs and spices that enhance our immunity system to fight with the COVID 19 virus.
How to boost immunity against COVID 19 virus How to boost immunity against COVID 19 virus
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National Herbs and Spices Day is celebrated on June 10 in the U.S.A. It’s the day to celebrate tasty dishes with different flavourful spices and herbs that make the preparations delicious. The observation of this day also helps raise awareness amongst us about the importance of herbs and spices in terms of our health. Though, it’s celebrated in the U.S.A, we can also do something on this day for the celebration. So, Chef Natasha Gandhi, Founder, House of Millets talks about some important herbs and spices that boost our immunity against the COVID 19 virus.

Green Chilli

Raw green chillies are highly potent and are loaded with Vitamin C. They also contain capsaicin an antioxidant which helps to maintain skin glow and health. Chillies boost your metabolism once consumed, if you can’t consume them raw, cook them or add in your meals.


This pungent root is a pantry staple in most Indian houses; thanks to the Adrak Chai we all love. Add slivers of ginger to your smoothies, juices which will help boost the immune system. Or just consume a ginger honey turmeric lemon shot early in the morning. It is also great to cure nausea and motion sickness as well.


This magical yellow root, contains curcumin which is popular for its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It’s available in two forms, as root and as powder, and both are great. You can make pickle out of the root, or add in your tea or soups and even dals. The Haldi Doodh or the western version of Turmeric Latte is like a golden liquid to ward off seasonal flu.

Black pepper

It contains properties which help enhance the immune system. A pinch of black pepper in your tea or coffee can go a long way.

Ajwain aka Carom seeds

Ajwain has been the solution to most of the digestive issues. And that’s because the enzymes in ajwain help release gastric juices and thus improving digestion. It is also a good immunity booster and helps combat cold and flu. Just chew some ajwain with warm water and you will see the results immediately.


Triphala contains the antioxidative properties of three fruits- haritaki, bibhitaki and amla. It is loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, both help in strengthening the Immune System.


We can call Tulsi the queen of Indian herbs, found in all home gardens and even worshipped. It has powerful immunity boosting and anti-viral properties. Add in your tea or brew a tea with Tulsi, ginger, lemon and honey to beat fever, cold or cough.


This herb is known for its ability to fight diseases caused by bacteria and also helps purify blood. It is rich in antioxidants which helps improve immunity and also digestion.


Moringa should be your go to herb during the pandemic. It contains Vitamin C more than Oranges which helps build a strong immune system.


As per Ayurveda it helps boost immunity and also reduce inflammation. It also helps body to manage stress. It’s available in powder form, so add it in your drinks, and consume in moderation.

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