National Nutrition Week 2021: 6 Common kitchen mistakes that we should avoid

Updated on Sep 02, 2021 08:12 PM IST  |  130.4K
kitchen mistakes one should avoid
Kitchen mistakes that one should avoid

The pandemic has made us rethink our lifestyle, dietary habits and what not. We all are on the go to eat the best of the foods, to do as much physical activity as possible and keep our immunity high. However, no matter how much effort we put behind it, it is somehow never sufficient. We still end up falling ill or catching a stomach infection and are left wondering where did we go wrong?

Since it is National Nutrition Week going on, Dr Kajal Pandya, Chief Dietician, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, highlights the common kitchen mistakes that we often make thinking it won’t cause much harm, but is the root cause of many problems.

Reusing oils: While this is one of the most common kitchen practices, it is the most dangerous of all. Pandya emphasises on the fact that reusing oils can increase the number of free radicals in it and can make it carcinogenic. “With oil being such an expensive commodity, it is not feasible to throw it away after one use. Here, what one can do is to use less oil for deep frying and then use the remaining for tadka. Don’t use it again for deep frying,” she advises.


Stocking up on unhealthy foods: Our kitchen works like a vending machine. It is all about what we put in there. If we will stuff it with unhealthy processed foods or pre packed and ready-to-eat food, we will end up eating those. “Instead invest in healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks,” she says.

No time for appreciating home cooked meals: Do you remember the last time you appreciated home cooked food, just like you do when you are out for dinner in a fancy restaurant? The answer might be no. “It is important that we start learning to appreciate food. It does impact us,” she says.

Tasting food while cooking: While this is not a wrong practice, the problem arises when we use the same spoon to taste while cooking. “Never do that, after all you don’t want to contaminate the whole dish. Instead use a separate bowl for tasting,” Pandya suggests.


Putting spatulas and cooking spoons on the kitchen top: This is again one of the most common kitchen practices that is not advisable. Never leave your cooking spoons on a surface, this increases the chances of bugs and houseflies sitting on it and contaminating it. Instead keep it on a plate and cover it with a lid.

Disinfecting kitchen surfaces: During the pandemic, our obsession with disinfecting has increased manifold and rightly so. However, Pandya says that cleaning the kitchen surfaces with soap and water is the best thing. There are times when knowingly or unknowingly, the food can touch these surfaces. This will be harmful for health.

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