Navratri 2019: Check out the sweet dishes you need make this festive season

Navratri 2019 Recipes: Sweets are an important part of every festival in India and Navratri is no different. You can easily make some sweet dishes at home in less than 30 minutes without any hassle.
Navratri 2019: Check out the sweet dishes you need make this festive seasonNavratri 2019: Check out the sweet dishes you need make this festive season
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Navratri days are some of the most auspicious days for the Hindu culture and other than that we all love a good festive excuse to eat sweets without feeling guilty. Festive time like this also means a lot of worship and rituals and one such ritual is fasting. Many people fast in order to please the Gods and offer them their prayers and faith. This fast does not mean that we cannot eat anything at all. You can eat certain foods in order to stay healthy and fill your stomach in these few days. This fast also helps us detox and eat healthy food but it's more important to let your walls down and let the sweet dishes keep coming! No Indian festival is complete without sweets and loads of fun. Here are some sweet dishes that you can easily make at home and satisfy your sweet tooth before you go back to the same old boring diet.

Here are some easy to cook recipes for your Navratri celebrations-

1. Makhana Kheer

You will need milk, makhana, and dry fruits and saffron and powdered sugar. Take a pan and heat milk on medium flame till it comes to a boil. Finely chop the dry fruits and fry them in ghee until they're golden brown. Now, roast the makhana in the ghee. One the makhana cools down, crush some of the makhanas and make a powder. Now add a little bit of saffron in the boiling milk and mix the sugar powder as well. Add the makhana powder and makhana to this mixture. Let it simmer for a few minutes before you add the dry fruits. You can add some cardamom powder if you like.

2. Coconut Ladoo

Take some coconut powder or grated or shredded coconut. Put it in a pan and roast it on low flame for a few minutes. Now, add some cardamom powder and mix it well. Take some condensed milk and use it to cover your grated coconut or coconut powder. mix it well and make a dough sort of mixture. Now, take some of the mixture and roll it into a ladoo. You can garnish it with dry fruits if you want.

3. Potato Halwa

You will need potatoes and some sugar and ghee, some milk and dry fruits as per your choice. Boil the potatoes and remove the skin and mash them properly. Now, in a pan, pour some ghee and let it heat. Add the mashed potatoes after the ghee is hot enough. Roast it for a few minutes and add some sugar or preferably sugar powder and milk and mix it well. Cook this halwa on a medium flame for 10 to 12 minutes. Keep stirring it. You can add some cardamom and dry fruits and heat it for a minute or two and your halwa is ready. You can use dry fruits to garnish as well.

4. Peanut Ladoo

You will need some peanuts and jaggery. You can either buy roasted peanuts or roast them at home and then grind them and make a powder. Don't grind it too much or you may end up with peanut butter. Grind it slowly for a minute and then take the powder out and roll it in any shape before you put it back in the grinder. This way it will only turn into a powder and not butter. You can add jaggery to the grinder as well. Once it is done, you can use this mixture and roll it into little laddoos and garnish with dry fruits. 

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