No offence, but these are the most overrated food items EVER

These food items are loved, adored and worshipped. And also overrated. No offense to any food community!
No offence, but these are the most overrated food items EVER
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There are food items everywhere which steal people's hearts and become absolute favourites. Suddenly you see them being incorporated in all sorts of dishes and becoming a huge business. Everyone everywhere goes on harping about them and they are all over the food market. It is then when you decide that you are done with them and these food items are seriously overrated. Here, we have compiled a list of items we feel should not be getting so much of hype.
Nutella is wonderful, one of the best chocolate condiments and goes well with a lot of things but can we now stop praising it and including it everywhere? Recently, there was a dish I saw on a menu titled 'Nutella Pizza'. People are charging Rs. 100 for a simple Nutella and bread sandwich. Kids consume large quantities of it. Also, all this while, did no one notice that its major ingredient is hazelnut, which not many would prefer to eat raw?
Maggi is breakfast, lunch and dinner for Indians. Their one true love where its ban broke everyone's hearts. But its popularity stems from the fact that it is quick and easy to make. The taste is strictly okay and it isn't exactly healthy either. It makes for an ideal snack but it is praised too much at times. How about trying out the other ramen noodles sometime?
I love pizza and I'm pretty sure almost everyone does regardless of whether they love Italian cuisine. But ever since memes and posts on the internet revolving around the theme of 'Can I just date pizza instead?' have emerged, the concept of pizza has become tacky. All the other amazing food has been overlooked. Has anyone never tasted golden fried prawns in butter though?
Can someone explain the charm of cake cut into little pieces? Cupcakes are a scam to appeal to our aesthetic senses and trick us into buying these cute things when they actually are no different from cakes. They're just more expensive. The same cake can be bought with lesser money and ten times the quantity. Again, they're also everywhere. Just little bits of guilty pleasure.
Alcohol might be fun but it's not that any party is incomplete without alcohol. People choose to not have it for a lot of reasons and are often made to feel like they're not enjoying enough or are spoilsports. Also, the ones who have it spend a lot of time making sure that their social media knows that they're drinking. So is alcohol overhyped? Yes.
We've become so habitual to popcorn that when we watch a movie without it, we feel like the experience isn't complete. What popcorn is, in reality, is just fancy corn with no proper taste or nutritional value whatsoever. It isn't even filling. Not to mention that in theatres, the price of popcorn is more than the movie ticket itself.
When Oreo came to India, it came with a bang, with the marketers assuming that it would become as popular as it is in countries abroad. However, it failed but with consistent efforts and incorporating Indian tastes in the product, it became successful. And now every ice cream, pancake, waffle, cookie and even Cornetto has Oreo. Talk about overhyped.
Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher, admittedly, is one of the best chocolates around but it too has lost some of its exclusivity, which was exactly what made it appealing, by being everywhere. Also, when you tell someone that you don't like Ferrero Rocher, they'll look at you like you've committed some sin. As if, everyone can like some rock hard chocolate.
Tell us in the comments below whether you agree or disagree with us and if there are some more items to be added to this list!

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None of these items are overhyped! I love them all and going by the comments, so do others. So it’s demand makes it appealing!

So this list was basically all the things i can’t live without. Cupcakes? Really?!!

Alcohol is overrated? LOL You must be crazy. Alcohol is life of the Party. Its Party Maker

I was furious about pizza in the list but your opinion on it is pretty valid. Social media has even sexualised DADDY word..what else you expect.

Excuse you, Maggi (masala flav) is not overrated :D.
Oreos and Pizza's are not so impressive to the Indian palette, coz we've had better flavours , it's weird how much westerners love their pizza .

logically speaking anything addictive can never be overrated. so there goes half the list.

Pizza-overrated!!! All that refined floor, cheese, and oil and measly toppings. And 2 slices and you are full. Yuck!! Over-freaking-rated, indeed!! I'd go for soft steamy Rava idlis and Paper dosa over any Pizza, any day!!

Here’s some more to add to your list - bacon, cheese, butter, biryani, anything red velvet.

Red velvet is plain stupid..Its the good old cake with artificial color added to it..Yum!!

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