Nowhere to go? Here’s how you can now be a tourist in your OWN city

We all assume that we have seen everything that’s there to see in our own city. It’s often not so.
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Have you ever wondered about those nooks and crannies in your city that you have never bothered to explore? Don’t feel bad about it because it’s natural for us to underestimate our own cities as a hub of tourism and sightseeing. While most of us must have visited the must-see destinations in our cities, we tend to overlook quite a few spots that deserve our attention as well. We recommend dedicating at least a few days over a few months where you can set off to explore your own city, with or without company. Here are a few tips on how you can be a tourist in your own city.



Speak to another local


You might pride yourself on knowing everything about your own city, but remember that you share your hometown with other people too. Speak to a friend, neighbour, colleagues, young and old people alike and exchange notes on offbeat places in the city that they love visiting. You never know what you might end up discovering!



Join a walking tour


This is exactly what it sounds like - you get to see your own city by walking through it! Discover old lanes, places of importance, forgotten relics with a walking tour. A lot of tourism companies these days offer walking tours. It’s a great way to visit hidden gems that make your city what it is!



Visit heritage eateries


Our cities are nothing without their cuisines. In fact, food is an important part of our culture and identity. Visit older or heritage restaurants in your city to sample some iconic dishes and understand how these dishes add to the character of your city. These eateries often have menus that have remained the same since their inception and make for an excellent way to taste forgotten dishes!



Keep a tab on ongoing events


Local dailies and newspapers list all the ongoing events happening in the city. Keep a tab on them. Visiting local art and culture spaces helps you in being an active member of the community and partake in local culture. You also get to support local businesses and artists!



Just set off


It’s that simple, really. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes and set off towards whichever part of the city you wish to discover that day. Walk around, photograph, eat at a kiosk. Feel at home yet discover new aspects of your city like never before!


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