Overeating: 5 Tell tale signs that prove you might be eating a little too much

At times, we tend to go overboard while eating something. Overeating can be harmful to health and needs to be avoided at all costs. If you experience these things, then you might be overeating.
Overeating: 5 Tell tale signs that prove you might be eating a little too much
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If we are bored, we eat, if we are tired, we eat, if we are happy, we eat. Eating is part of our daily routine and is also necessary. However, there are times when a person tends to overeat. This may be because there is an occasion and they are happy or simply because they have nothing to do. While eating brings us joy, overeating can be pretty harmful. 

You might feel too full or sick and might feel lethargic. Overeating can lead to several health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, low cholesterol, heart diseases etc. Therefore it is important to look out for some signs to know if you are overeating and immediately control it.

You feel heavy

After finishing a meal, you might feel a little too full to the extent of feeling sick. This is a sign that you are eating more than you are supposed to.

Weight gain

This is probably the most obvious sign of overeating. If your clothes have become tight and you feel unhealthy and chubby, then you might be overeating.

You keep eating even after being full

You feel satisfied, but still, you are eating continuously. When you stop feeling hungry, that’s when you have to stop and avoid eating any further. 

You experience hot flushes

This happens when your body works overtime to digest the food. If you are eating without a break, the digestion process will raise your body’s temperature and will suddenly make you feel hot.

You have trouble breathing

You feel stuffed and unusually heavy and have trouble breathing. If you feel you are too full to even breathe, then it is high time to stop overeating.

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