From Pakora to Jalebi: 5 Delectable morsel of snacks that are perfect for your monsoon evening

Monsoons are a breath of fresh air after a sweltering heatwave. Here are the 5 munching snacks to binge-on as soon as it starts to drizzle.
From Pakora to Jalebi: 5 Delectable morsel of snacks that are perfect for your monsoon evening
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Monsoon brings an end to the scorching heat, along with the drizzling rain and nature’s aroma that fills up your senses. It is infrequent that we won’t encounter big bright umbrellas and spellbinding aromas.

When we think of the Monsoon season, we probably picture drizzles, thunderstorms, umbrellas, piping hot tea and fritters in our head. With monsoon in full swing, here are the 5 lip-smacking snacks that go perfect with raindrops.   
1. Crunchy Pakoras
The hot plate of drool-worthy pakoras are the best thing to have during drizzles. Homemade or street vendor, pakoras are affordable, available and easy snack. One can easily choose their favourite from a wide range of potato pakora, onion pakora, paneer pakora and cauliflower pakora served with mint and tamarind chutney.

2. Piping Hot Chai
It’s impossible to not mention tea when we just discussed rain and pakoras. Chai and pakoras is the most mind-boggling combination for your taste buds during monsoons. There’s nothing more peaceful than enjoying the rain in silence with a cup of piping hot tea in your hand.

3. Masaledaar Bhutta
Do you remember all those bhutta stalls on every turn at hill stations? The stove-hot bhuttas are the go-to choice for every rain-spice lovers. Sitting out in open, enjoying rain drizzles slapping on your face and binging on the hot bhutta loaded with lime juice and red chili powder will be missed this monsoon.

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4. Crispy Samosa
Samosa is another mouth-watering snack to binge-on this monsoon season. Gone are the days when spicy potato samosas were the big thing. There is a whole lot of filling variety to choose from pasta filling, noodles filling to even cheese filing. Served with mint and tamarind chutney, it’s an affordable and easily available snack across the country.

5. Garma Garam Jalebi
What’s better than adding a dash of sugary-syrupy dish in your monsoon diaries? These thin, crispy and scrumptious spirals of sweetness are a perfect snack for monsoons.

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