Pani Puri Recipe: Here is the step by step guide of THIS delicious snack

It’s hard to stay away from pani puri during the lockdown period. So, you can enjoy this lip-smacking snack at your home. Follow the easy step-by-step recipe for the preparation.
Pani Puri Recipe: Here is the step by step guide of THIS delicious snackPani Puri Recipe: Here is the step by step guide of THIS delicious snack
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Indians adore pani puri and it’s one of the most popular and tasty snacks of the country. This has several variations as well depending on the region. For example, in West Bengal it’s called puchka; Haryana calls it paani patashi; Madhya Pradesh knows it as fulki; Uttar Pradesh named it as pani ke batashe, etc. Pani puri is also popularly known as golgappa. Small deep-fried puris are filled with mashed potato and tamarind chutney.

Pani puri or golgappa is the most popular street snack and it’s really hard to say NO to it. But since we cannot go out and indulge in the golgappa due to the Coronavirus lockdown, you can surely make it at your home. The recipe of pani puri is very easy and here we have given it step-by-step to help you for making the snack at home.

Step-by-step pani puri recipe is given below.

Ingredients for pani puri

Puris or golgappa (homemade or ready-made)

1 finely chopped onion

Half cup sev

Half cup tamarind chutney

You can learn to make puris from the video given below:


Ingredients for the pani:

Half cup mint leaves

Half cup chopped coriander leaves

2 green chillies

One lemon

Half inch ginger

Sugar and salt according to taste

1 tsp chaat masala powder

Half tsp black salt

Tamarind as per your taste (optional)

Water as per the requirement

Ingredients for the masala:

One cup boiled and mashed potato

Half cup boiled kala chana or black chickpeas

Half tsp red chilli powder

Half tsp cumin-coriander powder

Chaat masala as per the taste

3 tsp Coriander leaves

Salt according to taste

Method to prepare the pani:

1-  Rinse all the herbs needed for the pani.

2-  Put mint and coriander leaves with ginger, green chilli and lemon juice and tamarind in a mixer grinder. And grind them together to get a smooth paste. Add water for the grinding. Put tamarind based on your preference of tanginess of the water.

3-  Now, take the chutney to a separate bowl and add chaat masala powder, black salt, sugar and water. You have to put the water according to your requirement.

4-  Now, mix them together properly and add salt as per your taste. You can also add some boondi to it, but that’s optional.

Method for the masala:

1-  Take a bowl and add mashed potato, kala chana, coriander leaves, cumin-coriander powder, salt, chaat masala and red chilli powder to it.

2-  Then, mix them all together with a large spoon properly. And voila! Your masala is ready.

Method to assemble pani puri

1-  Take one puri and make a hole on top of it with a spoon or your finger for the stuffing.

2-  Then stuff the masala in it and then sprinkle some onion and sev on it.

3-  Dip this entire thing in the pani or water that you have prepared. And enjoy your homemade pani puri with your family.

The above pani recipe was the spicy one. If you want to have some sweet and sour pani for the golgappa, then here is the recipe of it.

Ingredient for the khatta-meetha pani:

One cup of tamarind extract

One tsp of chaat masala powder

One tsp of cumin powder

Half tsp of black salt (pptional)

A pinch of hing (optional)

Half tsp of red chilli powder

Salt to taste

Water as per the requirement

How to make tamarind paste?

1-  Put the small pieces of tamarind in a bowl.

2-  Then, add one cup of boiling water to it and let it soak for 20 minutes.

3-  Then, mash the tamarind in the water with your fingers as much as possible to take out all the pulp from the seeds to the water.

4-  Mix it up properly and then strain the mixture to get the water only.  

Method to prepare khatta-meetha pani

1-  Take the tamarind extract in a bowl.

2-  And then add cumin powder, chaat masala, red chilli powder, salt to it. If you want then add black salt or hing to it; you can also skip it.

3-  Then, add fresh water to this mixture and mix it together properly. Your khatta-meetha pani is ready.

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