From Pasta to Acai Bowl: Meghan Markle loves to gorge on THESE dishes

Meghan Markle is a big-time foodie. In several interviews, before she became a royal, had shared about her favourite foods and dishes. Read on to know more.
Food & Travel,meghan markle,meghan markle favorite foodFrom Pasta to Acai Bowl: Meghan Markle loves to gorge on THESE dishes

Megha Markle, who is a self-proclaimed foodie loves several dishes, cuisines and also likes the art of cooking. Before she became royal, the former actress, in several interviews revealed about her favourite foods and dishes. She used to even share recipes and food reviews on her former blog The Tig. Meghan had described how she usually follows a healthy diet but once in a while, she likes to indulge in cheat meals. In an interview with Shape Magazine, the former Suits star had said that how depriving yourself of anything will make you crave it more so for her it is always about the right balance. She had said how she usually goes for clean food during the week and treats herself some yummy food on weekends.

Speaking of her some stapes, her go-to dish is quinoa with a bit of seasoning and some veggies. And her typical breakfast usually is an omelette with fresh herbs, cheese, and toast. In one of her posts on now-defunct blog TheTig she had said that she likes to add hot sauce for the right amount of kick. She once revealed how she can gorge on french fries all day. "I'm always hoping I'm having lunch with people, so we can share fries. It's its own food group for me." Talking about healthy foodstuff, her palette includes quinoa, kale, seafood, and tons of fresh food.

Want to know what Meghan Markle loves to eat? Then read on.

1. Pasta and mac and cheese 

Just like many of us, she is also a big fan of Pasta. In an interview with Delish, she revealed that she never misses an opportunity to try great pasta wherever she goes. She likes to have pasta with zucchini, parmesan and wine. In another interview with EyeSwoon, Meghan had revealed that a simple cacio and pepe pasta is a go-to dish and she can make with her eyes closed. Her another childhood favorite is mac and cheese. She used to often cook it when she was a babysitter.

2. Fish Tacos

She had credited her native California as the place where she discovered fish tacos. Markle told Today, "Being from Los Angeles, I was conditioned to like Baja-style food from the womb." She also had revealed how she prepares them at home. "Grill some peppers and onions and a couple filets of fish (a flaky white fish works best). Season everything with salt and pepper, a little lime and stuff it all inside of a warm corn tortilla. Few bites of food make me happier than that."

3. Sushi and seafood 

Meghan had also shared how she loves to devour seafood. She had described that perfect sushi is an important part of a healthy diet. Her favorite restaurants include Sushi Park and Sugarfish.

4. Roast Chicken

In 2016 interview with Goodhousekeeping, Markle had revealed that a perfectly roasted chicken is one of her favorite foods. She had said, "If you have an Ina Garten–level roasted-chicken recipe, it's a game-changer." In fact, she was making the same dish with Prince Harry when he popped the question in the year 2017.

5. Acai Bowl

One of the go-to breakfast meals is an acai bowl. The bowl usually includes bananas, berries, almond milk, coconut flakes, manuka honey, and bee pollen among others. 

6. Eggs

Meghan is always egg-cited about eggs. She likes omelette with herbs and cheese, poached eggs and toast with avocado.

7. Wine

In an old interview with Today, Markle had said that her favourite part of evening meal is some vino. "At the end of a long day, there is nothing I enjoy more than a glass of wine. Did you know Italian red Tignanello inspired the name of her former blog, the Tig? She told EyeSwoon, "My sip of that wine was my first moment of understanding the nuance people had always described in wine – the tasting notes, the layer. It was such an ah-ha moment, so I took the nickname 'Tig' and translated it for all of those moments of getting it."

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