Pep up your digestive system with these flavourful Mukhwas

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Pep up your digestive system with these flavourful Mukhwas
Pep up your digestive system with these flavourful Mukhwas

Mouth fresheners, appetisers and mukhwas are mandatory post meals. These digestive aids help you to freshen your breath post meals and bid adieu to ingestion. Here are some most relished flavourful mukhwas to enjoy post meals. 


1. Chandan’s Madras Sounf, Orange Mukhwas, Jet Mukwhas and Special Mukhwas

Chandan’s mouth fresheners are highly appreciated for the perfect coolness, aroma and sweetness. This combo of four in one mukhwas is all that you need for a change in the taste of everyday mouth fresheners. 


Price: Rs. 220

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2. Urban Platter Culcutta Paan Mukhwas

Culcutta Paan has a distinctive mouth watering aroma and flavour that tempts you to the maximum. The tingling taste is all that you need to relish your sweet cravings post meals. This after-meal snack promotes absorption of nutrients. 


Price: Rs. 332

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3. Mr. Merchant Banarasi Meetha Paan Mukhwas

This Banarasi Meetha Paan Mukhwas is compact with delicious and juicy ingredients. It has gulkand, cardamom, betel leaves, menthol, dates and fennel. Feel refreshed after a bite of sweet and mint Banarasi Mukhwas. 


Price: Rs. 251

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4. Rajasthani Mukhwas

Rajasthani Mukhwas do not taste like other mukhwas or mouth fresheners. It contains non-toxic ingredients brought together by an old-age recipe. The authentic flavour of the mukhwas is something that refreshes you and bids a farewell to bad breath post meals. 


Price: Rs. 227 

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5. Kashmiri Mukhwas 

Kashmiri Mukhwas is a perfect combination of sweetness and freshness. It boosts your health and immunity with the help of iron and calcium. If you want to give your taste buds a sweet, cool yet refreshing punch then grab this Kashmiri Mukhwas now. 


Price: Rs. 130

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Mouth fresheners not only kill bad breath after meals but promote digestion. It ensures that your body absorbs the correct amount of nutrients. These digestive aids prevent acidity and ingestion with its cool and refreshing punch. Gobble some handful of mukhwas and mask up your embarrassing moments post meals.


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