Planning to travel alone? THESE are the best places for female solo travellers

Updated on Oct 29, 2019 03:12 PM IST  |  1.3M
Planning to travel alone? THESE are the best places for female solo travellers
Planning to travel alone? THESE are the best places for female solo travellers

Travelling with friends and family is something that we all love. It makes the trip fun, and you get to treasure memories by the end of the trip. But sometimes travelling in a group can be tedious since you have to do things as per everyone's convenience, and have to think about everyone's likes and dislikes. If you are someone who loves travelling, then you should consider taking a solo trip at least once. 


Solo trips not only give you the liberty to explore the place as per your convenience, but it also lets you meet new people, and make conversations with locals. However, solo travelling is considered unsafe for women, and hence gals don't consider solo travel as an option. But what if we tell you about the places that are safe for female solo travellers. Read below to find out 7 best places for female solo travellers.  





Japan is the safest place in the world for solo female travellers. Yes, there's a language barrier, but the people there are helpful and warm. They have an extremely efficient public transportation system, which is easy to navigate, and the low crime rate leaves you feeling at ease to explore as much as you want. Be it the food, shopping, fashion or culture, Japan never makes you feel alone. And hence, it's the best place for solo female travellers. 





Spain is known for its beautiful coastline, majestic architecture and Barcelona. The best thing about Spain is that solo female traveller's rate Spain highly for its women's rights. It's easy-going, colourful and has great food. So, this again makes it a good option for female solo travellers. 





If you are travelling solo and want to make friends, then you have to visit Australia. Aussie's are known for their warm attitude, good cheer and a great meal. So, there's no chance that you'll feel unsafe in a country that has a plethora of great things to do. 





Canada attracts solo travellers for its safety, solid women's rights record and diverse range of scenery. It's known for its french town of Montreal and the beautiful Niagara Falls. Canada makes you feel at home with its culture, food and architecture. It serves some of the best coffee in town.


New Zealand:



It is one of the most visited countries by solo travellers. It is extremely safe, easy to meet other people and lots to do and see with breathtaking beauty at every corner. Outdoor adventure is available everywhere, and it is easy to get around New Zealand. 





Iceland is the most beautiful place in the world. And going by its name, 15% of the country's surface is covered with ice. It has picturesque landscapes, great nightlife and good food. It has some of the lowest crime rates on the planet and is ranked number one in the Global Peace Index (GPI). Hence, is one of the best destinations for solo female travellers. 


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