Planning a vacation with your dog? Here are pet travel essentials you must take along

Updated on Nov 17, 2021 02:03 PM IST  |  169.8K
Pet travel essentials you require
Planning a vacation with your dog? Here are pet travel essentials you must take along

Few things in life are as fun as planning a vacation. And the cherry to the cake shall be taking your pet along. Your dog can forget about separation anxiety, as you shall have your furry pal along with you every step of the way. However, traveling with your pooch comes with its own share of worries. So while you carefully map out your travel route and plan lots of halts to allow your pet to stretch its legs, we bring you the ultimate travel checklist for a those who are journeying with their pets!


  1. Carry a comfortable harness

A collar and a leash may work best for your pet at home or at the local park. But traveling can mean various situations where you have you get your pet to abruptly come to heel. Pulling on the collar could choke your dog, but having him wear a harness can be much more secure as well as safe for your pet.


  1. Protect your car with a scratch-proof seat cover or dog travel hammock 

If you’re planning a road-trip with your pet, there are chances that your dog’s muddy paws get the car seats dirty. So getting a back seat protector or dog travel hammock can help you avoid such tragedies.

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  1. A breathable mask in a post covid world

News of animals in the zoo contracting Covid-19 has alarmed a lot of citizens. Hence many opt to have their dogs wear masks made of a light and breathable fabric that shall protect them.

dog wearing a mask

  1. Carry your dog’s favourite toy or blanket

Traveling to new places can be an adventure but also a nerve-racking experience for your pet. They may be homesick, so carrying along some of their favourite toys or a blanket can give them something familiar in the face of chaos. This can be incredibly comforting to them.

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While vacationing with your pet requires fair bit of planning, you shall soon have an inimitable adventure with your furry friend that will make it all seem worth it!

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