From Potato Tornado To Pakora: 9 lip-smacking easy to bake potato snacks

There are about a gazillion ways in which you can turn potatoes into something delicious and spectacular. Here are some of the easy-peasy recipes that are ideal for a casual laid-back evening. Bon Appetit!
Indian recipes,potato recipes From Potato Tornado To Pakora: 9 lip-smacking easy to bake potato snacks
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As we sit in the fifth month of this lockdown, it’s a great time to hone our culinary skills as we can’t order pizzas and burgers from our favourite food joint. When it comes to cooking, there’s no way we can leave ubiquitous potato behind.

Potatoes are one of the absolute amazing foods. They are cheap, filling and require zero effort to make. They are like a blank canvas and with just a tad bit of creativity, you can convert a basic potato spud into a delicious complete meal. These are the delicious and quick snacks recipe you can prepare in your very own kitchen.

1. Soft & Crisp Potato Pockets
Always confused between mashed potatoes and fried potatoes? Fret not, this scrumptious recipe combines the soft comfort of mashed potatoes with the crispy goodness of fried potatoes.

2. Spiralled Potato Tornado
You must have seen this yummy dish in numerous food festivals and street fairs. Now you can easily make this super simple dish at the comfort of your home without spending extra bucks.

3. Crunchy Potato Nest
Pleasingly warm, easy and encircled by a protective wall- this dish will blow your mind away. With the goodness of veggies and gooey cheese, you can make these nests easily at home. 

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4. Cheesy Potato Balls
This dish is a flavoursome union of potatoes and cheese with mixed herbs, coated in crunchy golden breadcrumb. This dish is loved by everyone and can be made within minutes.

5. Crunchy French Fries
Everyone knows about this comfort food. Crisp from the outside and soft from the inside, potatoes are deep fried till they turn crisp and golden brown. They can be served with numerous sauces or spice mixes like peri-peri, chilli, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

6. Spicy Dum Aaloo
Originated from Kashmir, this is a spiced gravy of onion and tomato based in which deep-fried potatoes are added. It can be eaten with chapati or rice.

7. Crunchy Aaloo Pakoda
To prepare this perfect-for-monsoon dish, potatoes are cut into thin slices and are dipped into gram flour paste and are then deep fried.

8. Crispy Aaloo Tikki
Crispy fried cubes of potatoes in a chunk of masalas, what could be better than this? Serve these tikkis with a dash of mint and tamarind chutney with curd and you have the best street food of the nation right there.

9. Spicy Chilli Potato
Made with deep-fried potatoes and coated with tomato chilli sauce, vinegar and spices, this easy-peasy Indo-Chinese saucy appetiser is loved across the length and breadth of the country.