Potato vs Sweet potato: Know the difference

Both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes are easy to prepare and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. Check out some ways in which these two are different from each other and know which one is healthier.
Potato vs Sweet potato: Know the difference
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When it comes to the vegetables that can be used in a variety of dishes and that are everybody’s favourite, potatoes have to be at the top of the list. It is delicious, easy to prepare and healthy. A popular variety of potatoes is sweet potatoes. 



Sweet potatoes are starchy and soft root vegetables and can be used in various sweet and savoury dishes. There are many differences between regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. Here are 5 ways in which these two vegetables are different from each other.


Plant family


Sweet potatoes belong to the Convolvulaceae family of plants, while regular potatoes are from Solanaceae plant family. The former has brown skin and orangish flesh while the latter has white flesh. 





Both potatoes and sweet potatoes have an equal amount of carbs, fat, protein and calories. Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants, while regular potatoes contain compounds that help in fighting cancer. Sweet potatoes are richer in certain vitamins and minerals than regular ones.


Glycemic index


Glycemic index refers to the ways in which the food affects blood glucose levels. The ones that have a higher glycemic index (GI) than 70 are said to increase the blood sugar levels. Potatoes have a GI of 89, while sweet potatoes have a GI of 44-94. 


Both the potatoes have beneficial plant compounds and are rich in nutrients. But since sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index and are richer in micronutrients than regular potatoes, they are said to be healthier.

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