Microwave recipes: EASY dishes you can make to satisfy your hunger

Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay in self-quarantine, and hence we are finding it difficult to handle both work and home. If you are craving some dishes, but are not getting enough time to make them, then check out these microwave recipes right away.
Microwave recipes: EASY dishes you can make to satisfy your hunger Microwave recipes: EASY dishes you can make to satisfy your hunger
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Coronavirus cases are rising and to protect ourselves from this pandemic, India and many other countries are under lockdown for a while. And this lockdown means that we have to self-quarantine at home and refrain from going out as much as possible. Gyms, colleges, offices, schools, malls and theatres across the globe are shut. And people are now working from home and are doing everything indoors. While this is good in multiple ways, it is also stressful for people since now they not only have to work from home but also do household chores at the same time.

When it comes to household chores, cooking meals while working can get a bit stressful, and considering the deadlines we have, it gets difficult to cook daily. And if you are facing similar issues, then here are some recipes that you can quickly make in the microwave. These microwave recipes will make your work from home experience life a lot easier. Here are some recipes that you must follow right away to enjoy some hearty meals at home.

Microwave recipes you can easily make at home during quarantine:


1. Dhokla


Dhokla is not only a popular Gujarati snack but it's quite healthy and filling. It's made of besan, curd, ginger and is quite tasty too. It will not only satiate your hunger but will also satisfy your taste buds. And you can make this snack in 10 minutes using the microwave. Check out the recipe below.


2. Mug Cake


If you don't want to waste much time baking a proper cake and don't have all the ingredients for it, then mug cake is for you. It's easy to make, takes only a few minutes and you don't have to use many ingredients to make it. Check out the recipe here.


3. Mac n Cheese


If you miss pasta from your favourite restaurant, then you can quickly make it at home. All you need is macaroni, cheese, milk and salt and you are good to go. Check out the recipe of how you can make your favourite mac n cheese in the microwave.


4. Cookies


Cookies are not only a perfect tea-time snack, but they are easy to make and are perfect to satisfy your hunger pangs. You don't need fancy ingredients to make your favourite cookies. All you need is some flour, milk, butter, sugar and vinegar. Check out how you can make these in a microwave.


5. Fudge


If you are craving desserts, then this one is for yours. A perfect amalgam of nuts and chocolate, this dessert recipe will sate all your cravings. Check out how you can make this recipe in a microwave.


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