A quick recipe to make grilled salmon at home

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A quick recipe to make grilled salmon at home

You know when you get a perfectly grilled piece of meat that isn't too rare or overcooked and is soft, succulent and juicy? Yes, it definitely is the best feeling ever! But making the perfect grilled meat is no child's play. Especially when it comes to fish, which can easily be overcooked and become chewy.


When it comes to fish, grilled salmon is undoubtedly one of the best dishes there is and this fish is perfect for grilling. So if you want to make tender and succulent grilled salmon at home, then follow the 4-step recipe given below.



Step 1


Try to choose a centre-cut skin-on fillet of salmon. Take 500 grams of salmon fillet and season it with some lemon pepper, garlic powder and salt.


Step 2


In a bowl, combine ⅓ cup of soy sauce, ⅓ cup of sugar, ¼ cup of water and 3 tbsp vegetable oil. Mix well. Take the fish pieces and coat them with this mixture. Place these pieces in a resealable bag and refrigerate for an hour.

Step 3


Now preheat the grill and make sure it is at just the right temperature, if it is too hot, then the fish can stick to it. Oil the grill lightly and take the fish pieces out of the bag. Place them on the grill.


Step 4


Cook each side of the fish fillet for 5-7 minutes and be careful to not overcook it. Take the fish pieces off the grill once they are tender and soft. Serve hot.


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