Quick Recipes: 5 lip smacking preparations from leftover food that you should try

Got leftover food? Here are 5 lip-smacking, quick recipes you can try to avoid wastage.
Quick recipes,Leftover Food Recipes Quick Recipes: 5 lip smacking preparations from leftover food that you should try
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In the wake of coronavirus, many people are stocking up their home with foods to avoid going out to the grocery store frequently. They are avoiding all kinds of wastage and managing their resources well, which is the need of the hour. When it comes to food, nothing should go to waste and certainly should not be dumped into the dustbin. Today, we are talking about recipes from leftover foods that are delicious and easy to make

So, if you’re planning to throw the leftover sabzi or chapati, think again! You can make lip-smacking dishes with leftover foods without investing much time and effort. We have compiled a list of some yummy and easy dishes that you can rustle up in no time with leftover foods. Instead of wasting food, use it  to prepare these recipes. 

Check out the list of 5 quick leftover food recipes that can easily be prepared and will taste amazing:

1. Stuffed Grilled Sandwiches  

Have some leftover sabzi? Here is an easy-to-make preparation to satisfy your taste buds. All you need is leftover sabzi with some other ingredients to enjoy these sandwiches. 

2. Chapati Poha 

For this recipe, all you need to do is give your regular poha a chapati twist. Check out the recipe right below. 

3. Fried Rice 

Many of us are guilty of making too much rice most of the time, so here is a recipe to prepare something delicious from uneaten rice. 

4. Crispy Rice Bowls 

Another tasty recipe to make from leftover rice. Try these delicious crispy rice bowls for the perfect snack. 

5.  Chapati Noodles 

A Chinese spin to the desi chapati will definitely be something you’ll love if you are a fan of Chinese food. Check out the recipe.

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