Quick Recipes: 6 instant breakfast recipes to rev up your morning

Looking for quick breakfast recipes? Here are 6 instant recipes to refuel you after a long slumber and kick-start your day.
Breakfast Recipes,Quick recipes Quick Recipes: 6 instant breakfast recipes to rev up your morning
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Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day as it is the first meal we eat after a long slumber. It jumpstarts your metabolism and gives you the energy to last a whole day. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the importance of eating breakfast seriously and end up suffering from a host of health problems. Did you know that our body’s blood sugar levels are usually low when we wake up? Eating breakfast helps replenish it. 

Eating breakfast has become a lot more important now with the lockdown which has led to a radical shift in our schedules. It is a good thing that you can grab a bite whenever you like while managing professional commitments, but it is still extremely important to have a wholesome breakfast to keep your body recharged. 

Here are 6 instant breakfast recipe for days when you don’t have the time. 

Basic Scrambled Eggs 

Perfect breakfast recipe to kickstart your day. Eggs are a great source of protein and good for health. Try this easy and quick recipe of scrambled eggs to satisfy morning hunger pangs

Rawa Upma 

This popular South Indian dish is a staple in many Indian households. It is prepared with semolina (Rawa), spices and some veggies. It is healthy and perfect for a wholesome breakfast. 

Besan ka Chilla 

A protein-rich nutritious recipe, Besan Chilla is made with gram flour and some spices. It is a popular snack from North Indian cuisine. 

Eggless Pancakes 

These pancakes are sweet, fluffy and delicious. You can serve them with a sweet or savoury sauce. 

Bread Poha 

A variation of poha – a quintessential breakfast recipe in India- it is quick and super easy to make. 

Masala Egg French Toast 

Like something desi and spicy? Give your classic French toast a spicy twist with this variation of the recipe.

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