Quick Recipes: 7 easy peasy Sooji based snacks and breakfast ideas

Quick Recipes: Today we have compiled some easy and super instant Sooji aka Semolina recipes that you can prepare for breakfasts or for evening snacks.

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Sooji based snacks
Quick Recipes: 7 easy peasy Sooji based snacks and breakfast ideas

Tired of Sooji Ka Upma and Rawa Sheera as breakfast meals? Then read on. There are several recipes one can prepare from semolina aside from these two popular ones. Today I am sharing 7 easy peasy Rawa based recipes that you can make in a jiffy. Amid lockdown, we are hardly ordering anything from outside in a bid to flatten the curve of Covid-19. And many are facing a hard time coming up with dishes every morning for breakfast or for mid-day or evening snack.

Due to lockdown, we are also trying to whip up dishes that are at home or easily available. And that's why we have started a series of Quick Recipes that require little effort and can be prepared from easily available ingredients. Previously we shared with our readers about quick one-pot khichdi recipes and recipes from leftovers, instant breakfast recipes as well. Today as mentioned, we are compiling super quick sooji recipes. Read on to know more. 

1. Instant Rawa Dosa

Craving for crispy dosa? Instead of the hassle of preparing from scratch and fermentation, you can try for this instant sooji based dosa.  For the recipe, you need rice flour, maida, salt and cumin seeds among others. Check out this recipe by none other than popular chef Kunal Kapoor.


2. Sooji ka Handvo


Handvo is one of the popular Gujju dishes. However, this one is an instant variation of it. For this particular recipe, curd, baking soda, veggies, masalas, curry leaves, mustard seeds and salt among others. Check out the video to know the step by step guide. 

3. Instant Rawa Uttapam

Uttapam is another popular South Indian dish that we love savour as snack or breakfast meal. 
For the recipe, you need semolina, curd, sal, ginger, chilli, finely chopped, veggies and few curry leaves among others. Check out the video of the Youtuber for the method.

4. Instant Rawa Dhokla

Many of us love dhokla not only it is healthful but it is also super easy to prepare. Even beginners can prepare it. You just need semolina, thick curd, sugar, ginger, chilli paste, eno fruit salt, masalas, seeds and curry leaves. Follow the video for step by step guide.

5. Sooji Balls

Semolina balls dish is not only a quick recipe but also very healthy. You need oil chilli, ginger, salt and coconut powder among others. Check out the video to know more. 

6. Rawa Appe

Do you have an appe pan? Then you should try this super quick recipe. For this appe aka paniyaram recipe you need, rava, curd, ginger, chilli, onion, curry leaves, coriander leaves and baking soda among others. Yes, that's it. For the method, follow the below-mentioned video.


7. Sooji Toast

This is another instant recipe you can try if you are bored with bread butter/jam or sandwich. You need to prepare a batter and while toasting on pan you have to add the same. Follow the video to know more.

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