Regular consumption of THESE 9 foods can keep your headache at bay

Headache is a common health issue that can be triggered due to many reasons. It is always advisable to consult a doctor and eat healthy foods to prevent the pain from occurring again and again. The foods given below can ward off the headache.
Regular consumption of THESE 9 foods can keep your headache at bay Regular consumption of THESE 9 foods can keep your headache at bay
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Headache is one of the most common problems that people suffer from. It may happen due to weather change, pollution, etc. But if the pain increases and is constant, then you might have some health problems. Headache can also occur due to several reasons like stress, migraine, sinus, exposure to excess sunlight, cold, etc.

If the pain becomes severe, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. But to follow a healthy routine to prevent headache, you can start consuming the following foods.

Foods that are good to prevent headache:

Russet potato

The russet potato is rich in potassium and has a high-water content. So, next time when you have a headache try to consume russet potato as dehydration is one of the prime reasons for headache. When our body needs water, it also needs electrolytes like potassium.


It is already mentioned that dehydration is a prime cause of headache. So, you can also have some cucumber slices to combat the pain. Have them with hummus or mix them with some other veggies like tomato, onion along with some olive oil, oregano and black pepper.

Fortified whole-grain cereal

These cereals have riboflavin, Vitamin B2 that can also keep your headache at bay. So, regular consumption of it can also save you from the pain.

Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, Almonds

These all are packed with magnesium which can effectively reduce headache by relaxing the blood vessels. Magnesium is responsible for many biochemical reactions of the body including brain and muscle function.

Oatmeal and brown rice

When you don’t have enough carbs, your blood sugar levels can decrease and cause a headache. So, instead of eliminating carbs completely from your diet, have oatmeal and brown rice to get the right amount of carbs and keep the headache away.

Sesame seeds

They are rich in Vitamin E that stabilises estrogen levels to ward off a menstruation-related migraine. It also contains L-arginine that keeps you safe from headache.

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