Rujuta Diwekar’s Variyali Sherbet to Southern Indian Panakam, 5 energising summer drinks to beat the heat

You must consider giving yourself some cooling respite with Variyali Sherbet and some of these alluring desi sherbets and beverages.

Updated on May 12, 2022 02:07 PM IST  |  189.5K
Energising summer drinks to beat the heat
Energising summer drinks to beat the heat
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As the unforgiving summer sun shines on, the heat wave has proven almost unbearable in several cities across India. While air conditioning may keep you cool externally, you may still be burning up inside. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar opines that this is precisely why we must choose foods and beverages that offer to replenish your energy levels this summer. She recommends Variyali Sherbet, a cooler that was first made in Gujarat as a digestive aid for a delightfully cooling effect.

Well, if fatigue and thirst have been your constant companions during this unfortunate heat wave, then you must consider giving yourself some cooling respite with Variyali Sherbet and some of these alluring desi sherbets and beverages.

  1. Variyali Sherbet made of Sauf or Fennel seeds

Should you be experiencing a spot of acidity or unfortunate bloating, then this sherbet will aid you. it is also excellent for those who are feeling constipated or have vaginal sores or dryness. It is often offered to lactating mums as it is graced with oestrogenic elements and can also improve your sleep cycle. However, it can be safely consumed by people of all ages as Variyali sherbet can assuage your menopause or PMS symptoms as well.

  1. Nannari sherbet made from Nannari roots

If you’ve tired of the aerated beverages and crave some authentic desi deliciousness, then turn to Nannari sherbet. Nannari or ananthamool is a popular Ayurvedic root that works as a natural coolant making it the ideal drink to beat the heat. The Nannari root is a core ingredient you shall need for this beverage that offers several health benefits such as banishing burning sensations, an upset stomach and even fever.

It is used in Ayurvedic medicines to give the immune system a boost. A common preparation in the southern parts of India, this is usually served with ice and splash of lemon juice.

  1. Targola or Nongu sherbet made of Ice Apples

This is a fascinating sherbat made from ice apples that come from the palmyra tree. Intriguingly enough, it has earned various monikers across Indian states. You can savour Taal in Kolkata, Targola sherbet in Maharashtra and even sip on the same drink in Tamil Nadu if you ask for Nongu. While the drink is light and tender in flavour, the fruit itself is packed with micronutrients. Right from sodium to potassium, these elements aid in preserving your electrolyte balance along with keeping you hydrated. Sip on this to banish fatigue.

  1. Phalsa sherbet

A fruit that looks curiously similar to blueberries, the phalsa is also called Grewia asiatica. Incredibly tart in flavor, it can help with your digestion and alleviate dehydration. Due to the fact that this fruit has a low glycemic index, this sherbet is suited to people who battle diabetes as it won’t result in them having a sugar rush.

  1. Panakam made from jaggery and ginger

A highlight in South Indian homes, Panakam is a jaggery laced treat that is graced with a dash of cardamom. Interestingly, it has some offbeat ingredients such as black pepper and ginger but the resulting beverage can replenish your electrolytes and cool your body temperature. It is believed that the jaggery helps in blood purification, while Panakam also offers you iron, magnesium and anti-oxidants. The lemon used in this drink has the goodness of Vitamin-C and B-complex, which makes Panakam a drink that offers you a bunch of healthy nutrients and vitamins.

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