Skipping breakfast? Here’s why you shouldn’t do it

Wondering why everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day? Read on to find out why it’s so essential for your health.
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Early morning can be hard on most of us who live a fast and career-oriented life. We are very focused and never want to be late but after all the work and traveling the day before we need to get adequate rest which means we wake up late and have to run to get to work on time. There’s so much to do so early in the morning and we can’t afford to be late to school or work or wherever it is that we need to be. After all, it’s not good manners. In this hurry to get our day started we manage to skip out on something very important. We skip breakfast because there’s no time and we can always eat later.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day after 8 hours of no food and no water our body needs something to run on. It needs energy and fuel and breakfast is just that. It ensures that we have a full stomach and are energetic and active. Breakfast puts us in a good mood and improves our productivity and creativity. We literally break nearly 6-8 hours long fast in the morning with breakfast. It makes us full of positive energy. Because it’s the first meal of the day it’s in our nature to eat something healthy. You’ll hardly ever notice anyone eating unhealthy food first thing in the morning.

Having a proper and filling breakfast helps you combat unhealthy day time cravings and it also ensures that you don’t overeat. You head to work with a full stomach and don’t feel the need to snack on something or eat a tad bit too much during the lunch hour because you skipped breakfast. It also keeps your blood sugar level in control and boosts your metabolism. You have enough nourishment to be energetic and your body has enough fuel to burn more calories. It also boosts your memory. People who skip this important meal tend to be tired and lethargic and are more prone to weight gain.

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