Stressed? Eating carbs and chocolate at night is the best way to combat it, according to experts

Everybody is keen on staying healthy and following diets and exercise routines to combat stress. But did you know you could include all these calorie based foods in your diet and be stress free?
Stressed? Eating carbs and chocolate at night is the best way to combat it, according to experts
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It is no doubt that multiple foods do have healing properties, help in calming one down, releasing nerves and making people stress free. But many nutritionists and mental health experts have sworn by consuming small meals in a day which not only keeps the blood sugar level stable but also tastes yummy! Here are all the foods you can include in your diet to get rid of stress. 

Dark chocolate

According to experts, it is advisable to consume around 40 gms of chocolate in a day which will help one ope with stress and release "happy chemicals" or endorphins. Consuming dark chocolate is known to reduce and even regulate stress hormones. 


Fish is one ingredient that will definitely help in keeping one calm. Fish contain Omega 3 fatty acids which increases ones ability to cope with and play a major role in stress management. 

Chamomile Tea

One of the most soothing ingredients ever created, this tea will surely help deal with insomnia and anxiety. In addition to that it also helps with fighting off the bacteria and and infections in the body. deals the feeling of restlessness.


High on calorie level, nuts work as a natural muscle relaxant and even helps in inducing sleep which gets disturbed due to high stress levels. They are high in protein which means they will curbs those hunger pangs and even balance sugar levels in the body. 


One of the most comforting meals you can have in the night, is rice, especially when you are stressed. Consuming proteins at night will elevate cortisol levels during stressful situations. 

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